Bad News - Angels

My fellow Satanist Brothers and Sisters. Recently, an Angel entity, made itself known to me and these jokesters are Bad news. I know he/ it did it on purpose. So what did that angel feel like to a Satanist? I felt dread, I felt cold, it was a heavy presence, it felt as cold heavy emptiness. Usually they don’t bother me much, but recently I am sensing their attack (using my family and people close to me). Have any of you encountered anything similar? Why do you think they are “bugging” me now?

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Archons and controllers - they’re not actually ‘angels’ as in sovereign daemonic entities important enough to be demonised/lauded by shitty slave religions.

They are more like the machines of those religions developed to attack and disable people working on their ascension.

Kill it with fire

PS check out Enoch Petruchelly’s YT channel for a really good follow-along ritual that will banish these from you for at least a short time.


Spirits can appear as anything to you. Just because you see an angel doesn’t mean that they are angels. Due to the nature you described I do think it is a parasitic entity.