Backfiring or not? Demon Spells


Late June I did a separation spell with Abaddon. A month later (end of July) as no movement was seen, it was recasted. This is a third party I am trying to separate and she has done some stuff on this men to dominate him . So that’s why I thought I might need more as it is a difficult case.

In parallel Late June a love binding was done and just a month ago it was recasted 2 weeks ago along with reconciliation to bring him back.

I am thinking of doing something with Leraje as I have read here he seems to be a specialist in breakup and creating discord.

Will it backfire ? Or is this fine since I have a very stubborn 3rd party which did some stuff herself and after a month with no movement I can assume I might need complementary work?

Thank you in advance for your help,

Have you tried undoing her magick? It’s possible that her spells to dominate the man are stronger than yours to break them up, and may need to be broken before you will see any movement.

And a month isn’t that long to wait if the spirits have to work against her own spells.


I agree, before performing another breakup spell, remove any enchantments done on him by the 3rd party or on behalf of anyone else.

I would also get some divination done to see what other obstacles stand in the way of them breaking up. Are there any kids involved? Shared property or businesses? Meddling family? Is one leaning on the other for financial support? Maybe they genuinely love each other and couldn’t think to leave. The list goes on. Lots of factors need to be considered when trying to break up a couple. Don’t look at it like it can’t be done. It can, just look at the situation from all angles.

I had a few breakup spells performed to break someone up from various women in his past, and they took longer than a month. One spell took a little over a year because he was married, the other took a little less than 9 months. I’m currently in the middle of yet another breakup and it’s been over a year. The cracks are getting larger and it’s only a matter of time before things crumble.


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  1. Thank you both for sharing your perspective. I think that overall since 2 months have passed when the first breakup have been casted I should have seen some results no? If not How long do you suggest waiting ?

2.I have done divinations but what always comes up is that there’s no love from his side but she manipulates him and dominates him to feeling bad.

  1. I thought that working with Abaddon it would be stronger than anything she would have done as he is the destroyer. If I was to remove what she did, which demon would help with that? and would I have to repeat all the spells after like the break up and the love binding?

  2. If I decide to just give the demons more time to work against what she did, how long do you suggest giving?


I don’t remember which demon can help off the top of my head, but you can try calling on Opfaal, the angel of deliverance. Opfaal can remove any enchantments on you or anyone you name. I’ve worked with him previously and he’s always helped me.

I don’t know about seeing bonafide results, because I don’t know the details of the situation, nor do I know how long it would take a spirit to break them up. I did mention how long it took me to break up two couples, the same guy with different women at different times in his life, and like I mentioned, it was way longer than two months. Sure, you should have seen some signs or movement, but full on results? 2 months isn’t a long time. Some people may get results in a few weeks time, but sometimes you have to be realistic.

If it were me, I would break whatever spells she had done, bind her, sever whatever cords tie them together, remove any obstacles then perform another breakup spell with a different spirit but not for what you asked Abbadon to do, but to attack the relationship from a different angle.

Sounds like a lot of work, huh, but it isn’t. I’m sure you’re capable of breaking them up, it’s just a matter of working with the right spirit, letting go of the result, and allowing enough time for it to happen.

  1. to " bind her, sever whatever cords tie them together" would you also use Opfaal?
  2. And for the breakup would you do right after those or how long would you wait?
  3. Have you ever worked with Leraje?
  4. After all this is done would you try to do all the love spells again or it wouldnt be necessary?
  1. I would do some research on Opfaal. I know he has removed enchantments or spells someone else has put on my target, but I don’t call on him to bind or sever cords. I call on King Paimon to bind someone. You can call on Archangel Michael to sever cords. You can also do the binding and cord cutting yourself, you don’t need to work with a spirit.

  2. Right after I finished with everything above, I would call on Abbadon and get an update on the situation, and ask if he would mind if I called on such and such spirit. I do this because I offended Andras once when beginning work with Agares. I asked both to break up the couple but from different angles and Andras refused to work with Agares. I ended up working with Agares alone on a separate issue. Andras told me he would work with any other spirit except Agares for reasons I didn’t want to ask.

  3. Yes, I’ve worked with Leraje, she (comes to me as a woman) is currently working with one of my servitors. You can also do some research on her to get an idea of what she likes, her energy, etc. she’s a wonderful spirit.

  4. I don’t do love spells, I’m breaking up the couple for a different reason, not for love. In your case, if you feel like you need to do the love work again, then do a reconciliation spell and then a love spell to open the door to you two getting back together.


Thank you

With all that being said do you think it will backlash or it should be fine since I am just dealing with a difficult situation?

I can’t say for certain if it will backlash, but I honestly don’t see why it would. It just seems your situation may have some obstacles that need to be removed.

You have to understand that when you ask a spirit to manifest a desire, that spirit has to figure out the best way to do it. One obstacle you have is the fact that this man is being manipulated by the woman. So while you may have them fighting and cause all kinds of discord, he may still feel loyal to her and not leave. He may hate being there with her, but is codependent and won’t leave on his own. He may not have somewhere to live if he leaves. She may not have somewhere to live if she leaves. I’m not saying that’s the case, I’m just saying those are examples of obstacles.

All of that being said, the spirit has to find a way to work through those obstacles, rearrange somethings, move some things around, insert or remove some people to change the course of events to cause the best possible situation for your desire to manifest. Maybe an obstacle is already being broken down…you don’t know. In the meantime I would take a moment, reassess the situation and attack it with the right spirits.

I would also set up wards and protection if this woman is doing work on the guy. Vamp her energy and weaken her, destroy her defenses. Like go all in and break her down.

Create a servitor to cause some strife between them.

Introduce a new lover to the woman and make her fall head over heels for them.

Create a sour jar to break them down. You’re already working with Abbadon, @C.Kendall made a video on a jar with Abbadon and King Asmoday. You should watch it if you haven’t.

Research demons for breakup spells or baneful magick & plan your work.

Just don’t give up. Take a break if you need to, but don’t give up. That’s with any type of magick.

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Thank you I really really appreciate how you are taking your time to explain everything in detail.

  1. Should I still do something to weaken her defences since I have done spells with abaddon and he is pretty much a destroyer? If yes who do you recommend ?

  2. Is working with a servitor to cause strife the same as invoking a demon? I thought Leraje is good at that and she provokes confrontation and keeps problems from reaching resolution.(based on what I read here)

  3. the only movement I have seen is him blocking me which is not good. Hence why I repeated the love spells. I am just wondering if maybe it would be best to take a break… like give it a month and see what happens.

  4. When working with Opfaal how do you know if it has been removed or not and how long does it take?

  1. I would work with King Vine. He can break down her defenses and weaken her.

  2. No, a servitor is a spirit you create to do a certain task. You can ask Leraje to work with your servitor, or you can perform a ritual and ask Leraje to break them up. Leraje would be a good spirit to call to break them up.

  3. I would leave him alone and limit contact with him. Don’t shake the tree and annoy him anymore. Give your work time to work him over. Give him time to miss you. Call on Dantalion to work on his emotions to turn the negative thoughts into positive and to influence him to unblock you.

  4. When I call on Opfaal, I usually get a sign that it worked when my target contacts me. We have a difficult & tumultuous relationship


I havent had any contact with him since we had a major fight months ago. Yet he blocked me after I started doing the works. What I meant is not doing any work for a month and see how things go…

I did a reconciliation spell with Lilith 2 weeks ago should Dantalion still be called on?

You can call on Marquis Amon for reconciliation. There’s a mega thread about him here. You can also call on him to break them up as well. He can bring people together or break them up.

If you want to work with an angel, work with Haniel, she’s helped me in areas of love.

He could have done that for a variety of reasons. I would focus more on softening his heart, breaking him away from the woman, and reconciling with you.

I thought my situation was a lost cause because my target is also being manipulated by a woman he’s barely known because she’s insecure over our friendship. That relationship is causing him to be cold and distant towards me and our child. He was a doting, loving dad that saw his son all the time. He got with her and threw our 2 decades worth of friendship away. I took a long break from trying to break them up & out of nowhere he contacted me and broke down, told me how he felt and went on and on and on. Sad part is he is still with this person because he needs a place to stay so i’m back at square one. I’m stuck with him forever through our child so I refuse to give up.

So I’m speaking from experience when I’m giving this advice. I know how frustrating it can be.

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