Baalzack's Journal

I posted something stupid about bismuth recently here and I got a (VERY) crappy job involving that very specific metal :D:D
loading 20+kg bags of that shit and putting them in a box, I did it for a whopping 2 days and I just knew becuase it was via an employment agency they were in on that syndicate against me(yeah this sounds wack) and the past few days they have been kind of targeting me but as I had no attachment to anything there it reasonably quickly subsided.

Lets try

Wine tasting
Cushy government job
Good pay
Good superior
lack of colleagues :heart: :rofl:
Respect for your job
Respectable work
no heavy ass lifting

It worked before apparantly, I will wait :innocent:

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(Moved to it’s own topic as the previous OP seemed to prefer to keep their journal the way it was.)

Good stuff! Keep us updated?

I had a friend that worked for a supplier of alcoholic beverages, it was maybe her third side gig, and she basically went around liquor stores spending maybe 3 hours making cocktail samples and chatting with shoppers. She was extroverted so she loved it and it has a lot of independence to it. I think they supply the drink and sometimes some merch, she bought the extras like fruit, cute snifters and the gift of the gab.

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