Azlyn evocation

First of all a few days ago I saw a Facebook photo, of a spirit and it’s sigil I know that spirit comes from Demonolatry because of that, anyways I never heard that spirit before so I decided to call it here my experience
I lighted a red candle no incense
I drawed her sigil and started chanting her enn

“Rean par tasa azlyn ayar”

I chanted that for about 5 times she came quickly her energy is good too, it feels like a red fiery energy I liked that
Then I asked her some questions

What are your attitudes?

I am a divination related spirit although I can teach physic vampirism and the art of chakra transmutations and magical prophecies

What your place within the infernal empire?

I am a queen among the empire

Can you enpower my physic abilities and chakras?


then I felt a strong pressure each of my chkaras and a cold heavy pressure upon my ajna chakra thus made a headache my crown chakra was swilling too

What candles do you prefer?
Red, purple, and black

What incense do you like?
Sandal wood, dragons blood, copal frankincense, rose petals and vanilla

Can you give a divination technique?

Yes. Simply focus on the situation or the case have the intention to know what will happen and what it’s gonna happen put will and focus to know, then simply meditate upon that and allow the knowledge come to you


Thanks for the image setup and the sigil. I was looking for a way to help open up some chakras.

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