Azek Journal

I’ll be writing down my progress coming back into magick in general.

Day 1.- Falling in my head into a lucid dream (Astral experiment)
-Familiar Info-
I search in the forum about Astral Projecting and came across one post with some sources of info about AP. One of those I recognized it quickly cause was one of my main info source back in the day when I tried to ap. This book is The Phase.

One of the techniques in said book is to sleep first, then wake up 2 hours before your max sleep time (alarm) and then try the techniques. Good thing that today I wake up really early so I read a couple of them and went to bed to try them.

One thing I remember doing before was to try to AP laying on my back but the problem with this is that is so incomfortable to me that I was doing it just cause I read it somewhere but in the video that I saw the author said to stay in a position that is most comfortable to you, so I did (laying on my stomach).

I think half an hour laying there I started to feel like my whole body was vibrating and I thought how I was going to pull myself out. In the middle of all that I couldnt think much so I just let go, suddenly I felt like I fall from the head to the floor but I just traspased it as if it wasnt any floor to land on.

-Falling into a lucid dream-
Still falling I couldnt see anything, it was all black and what i can remember was to push myself outside of the building (live in an apartment) and started to fly outside and i got a look at the city. I then started to fly like if I was born to fly and descend into the streets where people could see me just fine so I then realized I was lucid dreaming.

I wake up about ten mins later but didn’t open my eyes (read it in the post) to try it again. And then again I felt the vibrations but just had another lucid dreaming. I did this at least 3 times in total and in all I felt the same thing so I need to keep reading how to pull myself out.

Useful info: -Sleep in a comfortable position.
-Wake up but dont open your eyes.
-Enjoy the vibrations and let go.

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Day 2.- Sleeping on Astaroth Sigil.
After yesterday test I kept searching information about AP but also started to see a lot of coments about sigils. One of my goals for the time being is to develop my clairs and astral senses so i figure to contact a goetia demon for aid (extra help and all).

-Sigil Opening-
After a good amount of post reading about sigil gazing and searching I decided to open Astaroth sigil. I drew it and open it. Sigil gazing reminded me of how I practiced trying to see the aura way back in my teens so that was cool. After a few minutes of chanting the enn in my head and gazing, the line of the sigil started to fade away and coming back so I just make my petition for aid in developing my senses and offering public recognition to Astaroth and that was it, no feeling of presence or energy.

-Sleeping on the Sigil-
So, I read a couple of posts about sleeping with your sigil under your pillow, with a mix of outcomes (mostly people felt tired the next day). But I did it anyway, just to see what the experience would be like.
I did the indirect method for astral projection (sleep 6h, get up for a few mins and get back to bed) and the vibrations started to appear.
Now, im feeling this and trying to get out from my head but cant. Maybe i need to do it with more “will” or visualice me leaving but in the moment i just said “Astaroth pull me out” and I felt a hand grabing me by the hair and violently pulling myself out.
After that I couldnt see anything or hear anything and about a minute or two after I think I just came back to my body and started to lucid dreaming again.

Im going to keep looking into ap tecniques for once im out cause I feel like its all very unstable.
As for sleeping with Astaroth sigil, today i feel normal in the sense that i dont feel anything different but for sure did help me get out.

I’m still a beginner myself when it comes to astral projection so it’s just my experiences but yeah, sleep in the way you want. I’ve had OBE’s laying on my back, on my belly, on my sides… Pretty much everything you can think of. I even had some with people sleeping right next to me (I guess I was relaxed enough lmao).

Waking up and going back to sleep an hour or two after is good yes, you can also take naps during the day, works too.

What’s your way for pulling yourself out of your body ? From your head right ?

Hey! Yeah, I felt from my head onto the floor and kept falling lol. One thing Im going to try is pulling out like im swimming out of my head to prevent that falling onto nothingness.
Looking back I could have save a lot of hours if i just lay on my stomach to practice. I´ll try taking naps during the day (never ocurred to me), thanks a lot!!

Never tried from my head honestly, I should give it a try, I usually roll around to the side, reaaaally slowly. Works like a charm.

Also, it will be really unstable at start, you might be able to get out of your body and then “lose the connection” and go back in, and back out again. It might be super blurry at start too.

Ill try rolling to the side, im in the stage of testing everything and see what works best for me. Yeah, thats what I feel, like the connection is weak but with practice I think it will get better. Do you remember if you did something to “stable” yourself when you first start to ap?

It still isn’t 100% stable for me, but since I’ve done some energy work it’s way better that’s for sure, definitely improving. My vision is also way less blurry. So it could be the energy work I’ve been doing, or just the fact of practicing over and over. Maybe both.

Got it, for sure I´ll add energy work with my daily meditation routine. Also chakra work would help but I need to learn how to do it properly. So much to do hehe, thank you for your input!

Day 3 and 4.
-Stop falling asleep-
For the last two days I kept my routine of meditation and visualization. Progress is steady.
Also started to open Astaroth sigil twice a day just to get used to his energy.

I started reading about TGS and I think im getting right to the point where everything gets blurred out, but I cant maintain it. I guess my concentration need some work to do.

-Falling Asleep-
As for my AP, this couple of days my progress has stall. Every ocasion Im going to practice ap I ended up falling asleep.
Good thing is that instead of AP I end up having lucid dreams so today ill look for ways to go from one to the other.

-Belial and Paralisis.-
Since my last post I kept doing AP work with not a lot of success. Main problem is that I end my days really tired so I keep falling asleep.

I started reading about evocations and the Goetia Demons in more depth. I did a sigil opening with Astaroth a couple of days ago and that helped me in one of the atemps at astral project but I wanted to try working with Belial. Why? Because I read that he is direct and really push you when you ask for something, and thats what I want.

So I memorize his sigil and enn. I lay on my bed and started doing some chakra work where one visualize drawing energy in each chakra for about 5 minutes.
After that I visualize his sigil while chanting his enn in my head. No more than 10 minutes after that my whole body was paralized and I felt a lot of energy rushing in my body at once.
In my head I ask for what I needed to him and started chating asking him questions but I think my senses are not there quite yet. Still very happy with te feelings im getting.

-Ringing ears and tenseness-

So since I started practicing with energy again, every time i focus on my hearing i get this whistle kind of sound in my ears. I also have this sensation of tenseness like im pulling my aura from the outside to the core of my body. Again, this only happens if I focus on it.

Yesterday I worked a lot with Belials sigil and these sensations started to get really intense, I did try to comunicate with him but I could only sense his energy. I ll see what this developes.

Weird mind moment.

So yesterday at night I did my daily evocation with Belial. The evocation itself was really good cause ive been getting shapes in the dark when doing it (still no manifestation of him but thats ok) and im sensing his energy a lot better. Chakra working and meditation is paying off greatly.

The weird thing was once I got to bed (2h after the evocation). As soon as I put my head on the pillow, it started rushing like never before. I started feeling like my body and everything around me was still like if time stoped and my head was rushing with random thoughts like a ferrari. I just let go and went with it to see if something pop up but it was impossible to catch up. I felt like my mind was going at the speed of light and my concious mind was left behind just watching everything happen.

After a couple of minutes like this I just ground myself to calm this (cause I need my sleep) and it all went away. Crazy stuff but i cant find anything about this anywhere.

Back to the journal.

I can´t believe it was two months ago that I did my last post here, I’ll do my best to keep updating this.

So, a quick summary of what I did the last 2 months:

-Started reading tarot. Daily practice and readings for others. Best reading so far was that I warned some backstabbing was going to happen at work for my friend and he actually discovered it was going to happen and stopped it.

-Energy work. Using Robert Bruce method (tactile imagining). From the start it was pretty easy to work with energy using this method. I mostly do chakra activation with this and raising energy for daily practice.

-Astral projection. I stopped with this because I felt I needed more practice in other areas. But as for the last week I started with this again.

-Last week-

So for the last week I decided to go all out with developing my astral senses. So far what I´ve been doing is the mantra of mesh ka rel luhn sim ba ta rel luhn tin sughel 3 times a day for 108 repetitions each.

The results as for today are the following:

-Started seeing energy throughout the day.
This was really awesome in the sense that I was doing my thing and without even noticing little orbs started to appearing.

-Physical manifestation.
I was at the computer watching one of Ryan Cropper videos about spirit guides, when something crossed over my screen (like a shadow) at the speed of a blink.

In fact, I thought I just blinked but for some reason I turn over my head to the place the shadow was going. I stared at the corridor and started seeing a lot of this little orbs in the air. After about 5 to 10 seconds it started forming the outline of what it looked like a man standing.

The colour of this outline was of a blue and white mixture. I asked who was it and then it just dissapear.

-Sensing energy.

I feel like im emanating energy constantly. It feels like this

Its really weird cause I started feeling this the first two days I started with the mantra and is still growing.

-Visions and astral projection.

So yesterday was day 7 since I started chanting the mantra.
What I do is doing the repetitions and practice astral projecting (no exits so far). What happens is that I lay down (face up, hands down at the sides), enter into trance, body relaxed and going to sleep, mind awake till the vibrations appear. Then I just cant get out or my mind is full awake and cant do it.

But yesterday I dont know why but decided to lay down in the same positions except for my hands. Now I put them facing up the ceiling. I know its a minor detail but for me made the difference.

What happened was that the stages that I normally went through started coming much faster but in a “paced” way and it was just more manageable. And after a couple of minutes the visions started to appear. An old man walking that I recogniced as my grandfather (never knew him cause he died before i was born) with a big smile and as he walked an after image of his aura was left behind. Then a shadow of a boy that say something but it was muffled so I couldnt understand it.

This images appeared when i was fully awake and they were clear as the monitor in front of me, it really surprised me cause i´ve never had anything like this happening to me before.

So yeah, I´ll keep the mantra chanting for as long as possible or until I can fully astral project.

Kicking nicotine (vaping) addiction to the curb.

I keep meditating with some new mantras to further develope my senses and also to activate and unblock my chakras.

Something happened in one of these meditations tho. As I was zooming out with the mantra (trance) I saw myself sitting there vibrating and something that I saw as a leech was coming of my sides. It was disgusting to see this thing feeding of me.

Now, I´ve been smoking cigs for 10 years and the last 2 vaping nicotine. And never had the intention to let it go, but this did it.

Is been 6 days since I stopped vaping and man, every time I feel the “need” to vape I just imagine that thing dying from starvation.

New daily routine.

Day 1.-
25 min vibrating Zokar for open chakras. Felt open to energy and good for a warmup meditation.

1 hour Natz Fehr Ata for awakening inner flame. Felt a lot of energy building up. Also felt like entering a state like trance or falling asleep.

1 hour Mesh ka rel (astral senses). I always feel my aura when chanting this and the feeling lasted all day.

I did 30 min of trance work at the end of the day. Never experienced something like it. I imagine myself at a place I know very well and try to be there as long as I could. Maybe after 10 minutes I felt all my body being numb and the image of the place in my mind became clearer.

Then in my bed I did the same thing as I was falling asleep and it was really easy to stay in that numb state. I dont know how much I was in that state but after a while I started hearing like whispers on the distance and sounds like drums.

So yeah, adding trance work from now on. Practicing this will launch me out of the body for sure.

Day 2- Partially Successful evocation of Balaam.


30 min Zokar for open chakras: Felt a little bit more my chakras opening up but still nothing worth mentioning.

2 hours Mesh ka rel vibrating: These were 2 sessions of 1h each. In each one I felt my aura a lot and Im consistenly entering in trance to the point of all body numbness.

2 hours Natz fehr ata: 2 sessions of 1h each. Increased feeling of energy from the inside.

Note: These practices are in a pitch dark room and the chanting is both in mind and out loud.

I decided to start a working relationship with Balaam to speed up the process of developing my astral senses.

I sat in the dark room and started chanting Balaam´s enn and maybe 5 minutes later I had a massive sensation of someone standing in front of me. I felt a really imposing kind of energy coming my way and a sensation of someone looking at me. Not gonna lie, my fight or flight kicked in but I just took a deep breath.

Then I said out loud my purpose for calling and the “fear” sensation I had just banished. I ask his name but got no response so I kept talking for a few minutes. I thank him I give licence to depart.

So yeah, pretty happy with my first partial success. Im doing all my evocations in a dark room from now on.

Day 3.- Indigo candle meditation.

30m Zokar for opening chakras: Not a lot of results with this, probably going to change it.

1h 30m Mesh ka rel vibrating (2x45m): Felt my aura expanding and contracting.

1h 30m Natz fehr ata (2x45m): Today was hit and miss with this, not a lot of energy but maybe was just not my day.

36m Indigo candle meditation: I decided to integrate this practice in my daily routine as for now.

First time doing it was yesterday. When I inhale that indigo beam into my 3rd eye I felt like I was having a rock in my forehead being smack at.

Balaam evocation: I decided to evoke Balaam once again but this time I could only feel a slight shift in the energy of the environment, talk to him for a bit and then give licence to depart.

Day 4.- Normal day.

3h Mesh ka rel (3x1h): Every session I felt my aura expanding a little bit more every time and I got a really good feeling of my surroundings.

1h Indigo candle meditation (2x30m): Both sessions I just felt like a stone in my forehead that I cant break. Maybe my third eye is really shut down but in time it will open.

Evocation of Balaam: I recited Balaam´s enn for a good 25m but I just felt energy around me. I talked to him but got no response so ill keep trying tomorrow.

Day 5 & 6.- Angelic Mantras.

Day 5.-

1h mesh ka rel: Felt my aura expanding and started to feel centered. I didn´t realize before that when im chanting usually I feel one side or the other of my body (like if its umbalanced). But yesterday I felt that center all the way to the top of my head.

30m Indigo candle: Again, feeling a stone in my forehead.

1h har har mahadev: I did not feel anything with this.

Note: I tried other mantras but I didn´t feel anything. The only ones that are giving me results are the angelic ones.

Day 6.-

45m Mesh ka rel: Really intense feeling of energy in my aura and a sensation of expanding and contracting outside of my body.

45m Va la veem (spiritual perfection): After ending the 45m of mesh ka I started chanting this.
I felt my aura for the entire 45m of chanting this and maybe 25m in I really got into chanting it, like it was my favourite song lol. At that time I felt like I was being heard or that a connection had been made, kinda hard to explain.

30 min indigo candle: No changes here, stone is there.