Azazelian Abyssal Energy Work Method

Initially I was not going to share this but I have been guided to share this.

The incantation “Alash tad al-ash tal ashtu” is a very versatile incantation, EA Koetting, who channeled the incantation, describes it as an incantation used to enforce any tacit or expressed pact. It is also known as the “Grand Invocation of the Pact” in the Book of Azazel.

EA’s Newsletter on incantations

Thus, this becomes a very versatile incantation as it can be used to magnify or manifest agreements and pacts between magicians and spirits.

In the course of my working with Azazel we came to an agreement that I could tap into his power via this incantation.

One recitation of this incantation has not been enough to realize the fullness of this process. Even after thousands of repetitions, only a shadow of the potential of this operation had become manifest.

The following is unverified personal gnosis (UPG), simply my own personal experience in using this incantation.

While this process can be done with success during the day such results pale in comparison to doing it at night and in darkness.


Upon opening my spiritual sight while reciting “Alash tad al-ash tal ashtu” I observed that repetitions of this incantation cause ripple effects in the fabric of reality/maya that look like waves in liquid. These ripples occur in conjunction with the vibration of the sound and quickly dissipate when repetition is ceased.

As repetitions are multiplied and the power of the incantation is magnified these ripples manifest more violently and become what look like tears in the fabric of reality. Pure black darkness, or abyss, is visible through the tears. These tears are portals.

Once a critical mass is achieved, one of the tears will remain open even if repetitions cease, like it has been torn too wide and has overcome the pressure of maya. Further use of the incantation opens the portal wider.

This process brings one face to face with the Abyss, or at least a part of it. The tear now become portal is roughly shaped like an eye, and bulges out into this world. It can be communicated with like any other spiritual entity, teaching knowledge and techniques, and giving power.

Working with this entity and again using the incantation allows the magician to pull dark energy from this being, from this portal, into their own energy system. I have primarily pulled this energy into my ‘solar’ plexus chakra before distributing it to the rest of my system. I have also opened the portal above me and brought the energy down through my crown chakra with powerful results.

This energy is very dark and heavy. It causes physical pain in the body if not grounded in a magickal goal. This has alleviated over time as my body has adapted, but anytime I invoke greater volume or concentration of this energy than what I have adapted to, the side effects reoccur. It is a process of transformation that can be discomforting.

My physical sight darkens a bit when I invoke this black energy. It also has psychological side effects none of which I have found personally harmful.

At a certain point I realized that this bulge of Abyssal power was Azazel, though to call it by his name is imprecise. It is like a formless or less-formed form of Azazel. I tried using the mantra of creation IAO to give It form and found It coalesced into the demonic shape Azazel typically manifests to me in. I then called Azazel by name, calling him into materialization. Azazel’s energy slid in from every direction, and the form which had lacked depth of detail crystalized into the Demonic King.


There are many methods of doing energy work/invoking omnipotence to be found throughout occult books, social media, forums.
Summoning an entity and invoking its power is a classic operation that can be done with any demon, angel, god, spirit, ect.
It is also not uncommon for magicians to interact with new masks or aspects of known entities.
Black or dark alchemy has also been a subject of occult research for quite some time.
There is quite good information out there on the body of darkness too.
In that sense there is nothing new or revolutionary about this method.

What does strike me as different about this operation is its correlations to Kundalini, the Serpent Power. Like Kundalini, this power will harm the body if not properly grounded. Like Kundalini, this power is dense and heavy. Like Kundalini, power is brought into the practitioners system from elsewhere through a portal. In my experience this Abyssal energy has been equivalent in intensity to the Serpent Power, which blackened my toenails and gave me insomnia for months before I learned to handle it.
However, unlike Kundalini, this energy can be tapped into and disconnected from at will- much easier than the Serpent Power, which is notorious for disrupting the practitioners life, and which requires special techniques or rituals to stop/put away.

There are various incantations, seals, spirits or other magickal methods that allow the magician access to dark energy/black alchemy. Belial is very written about in this regard. I suspect that any of those other methods/sources are also very powerful when pushed to extremes.

Has anyone else had similar results with dark energy or black alchemy?