Azazel wants me to evoke him for ten days

Ok I’m exhausted but here’s the rundown of the evocation that just happened. GAH!! I’m so frustrated because I can’t tell if it was just my imagination or if he was actually there or not. When I evoked Bune it was very clear that there was a presence in the room, but I also feel like my senses are being blocked or something. That’s part of why I wanted to do the ritual in the first place.

I kept getting messages that I should do an an evocation of him, and Bune said she thought I should go talk to him too. I confirmed this with a reading, so I did some meditation and began the evocation.

He wouldn’t show up at first. Then I got a voice in my head telling me to turn off the lights and only use candlelight, so I did that. I couldn’t really feel anything, I could just see the very very faint figure of a goat man in front of me. I took this as a good sign and closed my eyes.

He said, “You kept me waiting, girl.” He seemed really stern. Then he said, “So, what did you call me here for?”. He seemed miffed- I think I took too long to prepare… or maybe he was angry that I was ignoring the signs he was sending me for the past couple of weeks because i thought they were coincidence. Again, don’t know if this was in my head or not.

So I explained to him I was lost and needed some spiritual guidance and that I was seeking strength. He seemed to consider for a moment, then he said something like “You’ll need to conjure me for ten days”, and then I think he said “You must meditate for ten days using my enn”. And when I asked him what that would do, he said something about “unclouding my eye”.

Overall I’m frustrated that I couldn’t sense him more clearly. I’m frustrated that I can’t sense anything more clearly!! And even if all of this was in my head, I’m not going to risk it by failing to conjure him for the next ten days.

Anyways… thoughts on this? Do you guys think I actually conjured him even if I didn’t feel much of a presence?


I understand. Even I had to wait and couldn’t see Satan when I made the pact.


This coupled with this

Could mean a lot of things, but if you were supposed to call him up (and did), then that’s all that matters. It could’ve also been to see if you’d call him out on now coming sooner or see if you’d shoot something back at him in defiance. Or he may just’ve felt like answering gruffly. I’ve had others do those things (Belial, Abaddon), but have only interacted with Azazel a few times.

If it was working beforehand, he may be the one clouding it. There may be other lessons to be learned in the evocation and meditation tasks given (likely) and the clouding was done to give a legitimate reason for asking this. What you’re supposed to find, we won’t know. This may simply be a discipline test.

Since these are things also done in pre-ritual work, this may also be a way to get you to start doing them pre-ritual (if you aren’t already) or do more of them, in future evocations.


Can you ask lord Azazel if he wants me to evoke him or not…Thank you so much

You should really do this yourself.


Bro, fyi. Most folks won’t ask something for someone else as not only is their time with whatever entity they are evoking is valuable. But also because theres no need for it. You can ask what ever entity you want to ask. Not sure if you just haven’t yet developed your skills. But it seems like it. Do you meditate? Draw out Azazels sigil. Charge and activate it by gazing upon it until the lines start to disappear and re appear. Called flashing. Or until you see the sigil kinda move without actually moving. When that’s done meditate. I would chant his enns while meditating. If you want to invoke him then say “Azazel I invoke you! Connect with me and let me know that you wish to work with me.” I’m not saying that you’ll feel what I feel. I invoke him daily and I feel him when I invoke him. If your heart doesn’t tell you anything then he might not want to. If the sigil doesn’t charge then he might not want to. But if you get flashes and you feel something or your intuition tells you he is there with you. Then he does. Evoking him may take practice. Even if you go through the evocation and you feel nothing see nothing and or hear nothing, it doesnt mean he didnt answer. It also may mean that he did not answer. Lol. Meditation I find is difficult for me but i know it is necessary. Hope this helps

Be blessed


Hey, thanks for the reply.

Yes, my eye was working beforehand- quite well, actually - until a couple weeks after I kept seeing Azazel’s name everywhere, now that you mention it.

Yeah, I was intimidated, so I didn’t talk back to him. Pretty sure you’re not supposed to. That particularity about the waiting part was pretty vague, but I suppose it doesn’t matter now that we’ve started working together.

Also, sorry, could you specify what you mean about the pre-ritual work?


I apologize, but I get the feeling he won’t like that very much.

Azazel tells me you need to trust him more. He does want you to do it! He gave me signs to do the same.


I believe he is referring to what Koetting calls prepetory immersion. The work you do to prepare for your ritual is just as important as the ritual itself. This can be an hour before the ritual, a day, a week. Longer. When you decide to do whatever ritual. You have to prepare for it. That work I believe is what he means by pre ritual work.

I may be wrong but I’m pretty sure that’s what was ment.


Yes, it was, thank you.


Yeah… that probably explains why I suddenly got an error 505 on this website and couldn’t access it for a minute. Keep obsessively checking. I know I do… it’s not him. I just don’t trust myself.

Ok, thanks for letting me know that. Not entirely familiar with E.A’s work. Will do more preparation tonight.

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Just to be clear. The amount of preparation isn’t what I’m saying. Quality over quantity is the idea.

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This :point_up_2:

Sorry, been out of the house most of the day.

For example, tonight, I"m evoking the Shadow Woman from the Shadownomicon. She doesn’t have an enn or sigil that is outside of the book, but I have something resembling the enn from inside of it. I will do a combination of meditating on the picture given to represent her, mentally chant her enn, and start to attune myself to her energies.

I’ve evoked many times. I typically do a lot of prep when I’m evoking someone for the first or second time. After that, if I’ve picked up on and remember their energy, I use that instead. I also typically go through the experience when I’m asking for a formal request.

The point is to start to get a feel for their energy, to help make sure you’re calling the correct entity, and to help prepare the mind for going through the experience (getting in the mindset). Well, that’s my explanation of it.


I see. It’s a little difficult giving the clouding going on around me, I actually feel like the only energy I can tune into right now is Azazel’s. I’ll do some meditation and some chanting as well before I start and I’m about to do some cleansing.

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He must be interested to go to that effort. Definitely a good thing.

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Not entirely sure… I don’t want to feel like I’m special, I simply want strength and courage.


Try Azhreal