Azazel, Saturn, and Islam

I was watching

And it talks about the connection between the 3, and I agree that the Kabah is based on Saturn magick.

So in other words I guess I am asking, what is the connection between Azazel and Islam?
Do you think he inspired it, or approves of Islam?


Ask him yourself.

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I sort of was trying to get other peoples thoughts on that first, but then the light bulb burnt out right after, I felt a cool presence and got my answer. I suppose it wasn’t quite as scary as I thought. But… getting there. :S

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What is his feelings on it?
Tell everyone what, I will say what he told me but I would like to hear what others get or know.
He certainly didn’t give me a clear answer.

and at @MagusOfGamaliel

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fk no he doesn’t approve of islam lmfao, shit spewed with “let us be slaves for GOD”

i swear hes trolling Islam


So do they view him as good or bad in Islam?
He said to me when I asked him, it is up to me.

nah he got fked, both good and bad, its really convoluted and full of shit so its hard to say for sure

i just think its funny cause thats where azazels worshipped ( the kabah i believe)

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That’s really interesting, tell me more, does what I said sort of make sense?
So Azazel is sort of like Saturn? Can he help me get to Binah? How weird would that be?
It might make more sense though if I say more about my workings but I might have to save that for a PM or something, I want to avoid it getting to political, though I’d imagine we are all somewhat on the same page with that.

He is essentially the adversary in that religion. You could say that he is the promethean figure that is trying to lead humanity astray from Islam so they can no longer live in fear and find their own truth and path to achieve enlightenment.

Similar to Lucifer, he refused to bow down to humanity which led to his fall. However, before leaving Allah allowed him to tempt Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit which inevitably was a success and resulted in them being kicked out of paradise.

Now, here is the gnosis I got from him:

He essentially told me that he does not see the Islamic faith as a good thing and that everyone should think for themselves without fear. He wants humans to find their own truth and to not be restricted from religious dogma. He believes that true knowledge has no restrictions and there is nothing that should stand in your way to achieve it.

He is multifaceted and has many faces. Stories of him exist in many cultures and he is not bound by any of them. Just because he is connected to a certain faith does not mean he believes it as truth.

He only walks his own truth as he encourages other to walk theirs. While he does hold a lot of knowledge and experience, he does not expect practitioners to believe it just because he says so. He encourages experience and resonation, there are multiple truths and at the end of the day he only wants you to find yours.


Thanks for sharing the video so cool because today is my glamor magick day.

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Hey you.

Also, it is a bit controversial as to whether Azazel is Saturnian or not. I personally believe he is, but it overall depends on if you believe that Zazel and Azazel are the same being.

I also want to mention that Zazel’s sigil is not a replica of the sigil of Saturn itself, here is a link explaining that:

With this said, Azazel is also known to be associated with The Black Sun which people have linked to Saturn. I know that when it comes to Azazel he is also linked to Pluto and has lunar associations as well.

Through my own research, Azazel is said to reside in the Thaumiel sphere which is known to be the equivalent of Kether. So with this said, take that information what you will.

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So probably can’t get me to Kether … um exactly, by the sounds of it not at all, and I sort of suspected that was a bit of an unlikelihood. With the statement do with that what you will… I’d rather take the side of caution, other than to affirm my will probably should not be bound by this statement.

Haha sorry for the paranoia, just had an intense evocation of Lucifer, anticipate nightmares soon at the very least. lol