Azazel’s Secret to INFINITE POWER

I will be sporadic in this, so just follow and read and it will make total sense!!

A week ago I performed a ritual of evocation to Azazel. I’d like to share my experience. Azazel has revealed a method of opening your “force”. Everybody here has to offer something, and many of us reach for something more and more valuable. There’s something quite frightening coming our way. As humans we’ve experienced fights, arguments, physical pain, depressions, social issues, oppressions, tyranny, wars, famines, diseases, murders, sexual violences………. And whining. Now I am adding that last one, separated, because it’s the most important. We whine, we lie, we make up lies for numerous reasons, we are an embarrassment to the potential of the human race. Of all beings that could be of use to the infernal empire, are we targeted because we are weak? Easily manipulated? Maybe. Maybe hell is real. Or maybe, just maybe, we have something in each of us that is priceless.

When we practice mediations and perform rituals, many of us feel vibrations. On our skin or in our body or on our forehead. Why? Is it the “theta” sync? Maybe. Is it physical vibrations in the room? Maybe. It’s all a maybe. Let’s circle back to whining. It’ll make sense, just follow me.

We all whine and make excuses which is our #1 limiting and destructive factor of our lives. And we whine because we feel we have no control or power. That is because we have no understanding that our conscious is just as magickal as our subconscious or other realm-like minds, bodies, etc……

You do not have to escape the physical, conscious mind to perform magick at greater strength than even before. Now this is achievable through belief. If you stop playing a victim of life, and just sit, for just 5-10 minutes!!! And look at the world, your life, your situations, everything, imagine it all before you, but don’t try to hard (stop trying so hard damn it!!) just see it, even if barely, just see it or feel it. NOW, take one big deep breath, and exhale slowly, but loudly.

So you see your empty of it. A real god shouldn’t worry, should he (she)? He can snap his fingers and make the world physical or spiritual disappear, right? Maybe… stop worrying, stop TRYING SO HARD to see feel and hear, and just do. Even if you don’t see physical results, I assure you that once you get familiar with this concept and try just a few times, then you’ll understand that this does work and you’ll adapt to it.

Now back to Azazel, once you stop trying too hard, are free from any blockage and worry, and learn to just do, stop playing the victim, and everything else mentioned, which you can do all in one sitting in approx 20-30 minutes, you will be in the perfect state of mind to make literal miracles happen. Here’s how:

So I asked Azazel one of his keys to unlimited physical or spiritual power. He said “the will and the mind”. Then he gave me these instructions and descriptions:

  1. your mind, your conscious thought is just as magickal and powerful, so stop trying to perform magick and just let it happen, meaning: let it go, and get ready to do what you want.

  2. Your “WILL” makes up your desire, energy, force, power, and everything, it makes up everything. The will is magick itself. It is that source, or that black sun, or whatever godlike and unimaginable power you can conjure. Now your will, found in your solar plexus, fuels every successful magickal working. EA koetting speaks about tapping the will and causing very physical results like shapeshifting, the black talon of beelzebub, and much more, but he speaks that it (your will) is activated via emotion, need, or some other source. This is true, but what I wanted to know was Azazel’s secret to be able to perform such miracles at pleasure, on command, as I desired, not just when I need!
    -the steps that follow show you how to use your mind or Anna chakra, your thought, and be able to attach your solar plexus or “will” to it. Therefore, you can cause literal miracles. You MUST practice with this.

  3. imagine your ajna or forehead chakra, a point in your forehead and this is the eye or the portal to your mind. Now see your solar plexus chakra. You can imagine a floating disk, a sun, a ball of energy, or a single mustard seed- sized point in your solar Plexus.

  4. the solar plexus point you have created is pure power, raging energy, force, it is magick. Imagine that energy. FEEL THAT ENERGY, THE POWER, it’s about to implode and explode in your chest. You have now made contact with your will, and are ready to force that into your Ajna.

  5. feel and see that energy rise up your body into your ajna, your head. Feel and see it in your whole head, it’s bursting and pulsing with energy and power. Your Ajna now will act as a morphing tool (which will be your thought) to eject that sheer magickal force or energy into physical manifestation. If good enough this will happen instantly before you, just practice.

  6. imagine what you want to happen, or your creation or your result. Just know it’s going to happen stop forcing it to happen within or without you. Just know once that will power or energy is released from your ajna it will happen. So think your result or desire, and feel your energy gathered in your head attaching to your desire or see it moving and in your mind becoming your end result…. Now for the final step.

  7. FEEL AND SEE your desire or result in front of you, and feel that will power and thought shoot from your ajna or third eye before you. I prefer to eject it and say “ahhhhh!!!” Or “haaa” or “oooommmmm” on one big exhale. There it is, your empty of that gathered energy and willpower, your desire is in front of you or what you want to happen is done. I’ve done this and have witnessed instant success, or if it is a result that I desire which is not in my vicinity, I’ve seen it still occur instantly or within days.

This does, will, and can work for anything: wealth… love… elemental manipulation…. To influence minds…. To possess others… to kill…. Whatever it is.

————-I WAS AFRAID to share this. I was afraid to share this to the public because of the power I’ve witnessed for myself. But moreso, my own ego wanted to keep it a secret. I didn’t want others to have greater power than I. But I realized after a following ritual with AZAZEL that I can be selfish or be open, and I felt the desire to help Azazel in his desires as much as he freely gave me this gift, and his desire as many of us has stated is to build an infernal empire. A secret is a secret, if Azazel wanted it to be kept secret I’m sure he would’ve. So I share it.

He also gave me one more major key to unlocking such power, if any of you cannot make this above method work. If need be, comment on this and I’ll make a follow up post with the second key from Azazel. I’m ending this here because I know this should work for you, and also this post is getting very lengthy.

Tested and proven for me…. Let me know your thoughts. Thank you… Azazel :purple_heart:


Part of this reminded me of a Star Trek (the original series episode) the one called Charlie X I think.
The one where the kid (teen) had the power to make things appear or go poof out of no where.

Interesting reading though. I’m going to watch for mor updates of this thread that’s for sure.


Thank you so much for sharing this! I am going to try this now and am looking forward to hearing more!

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Would you mind sharing the second method ?

Thank you for sharing it nice and precise

Interesting. This is very similar to the AH meditation in EA Koetting’s book Ipsissimus for creating ex nihlo. The only difference is that, in EA’s version, the energy is brought up from the Muladhara, instead of the Manipura chakra.

Nice work.


For some reason, I always (since I was a child) that the area of solar plexus is powerful!

And yes, when you have passion for something you just feel it right there!

I’m gonna try this, for sure! Many thanks for sharing!


It is very similar! There’s a second part that some are interested in hearing:

Imagine and formulate and feel a key, doesn’t matter how it looks just imagine a key before you. A solid key with power, you don’t even have to define what power it has…. It is Just powerful. Once again imagine in front of your solar plexus the disc. Or the point. And see/feel that key moving towards your chest and to that point, and slowly as it creeps in the lock…. Breaks the trap of your suppressed willpower down. And there is a surge of energy that bursts not from your lower spine or anywhere else, but your chest, and let the infinite power surge.


Continue reading you’ll see it there!

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND, which sounds crazy considering what I’m about to say, starting out with elemental control with this. Specifically air. Once this energy surges you can begin to more your Ajna and mind to the outside air energies/molecules. Simply do the above meditation or ritual and then see and feel the air around you. You can make a “zzzzzzz” with your teeth to let that willpower flow through your ajna and connect with the surrounding air molecules. Once done…. Now you should be somewhat connected if it is your first time. Now the air will move with EITHER your thought, or emotion, physical movements, or breathe. You will learn what works best, and it is a fun, could be potentially powerful, thing to learn with this meditation.


Correct me if am wrong, isn’t this somewhat like creating thoughtforms.

I would like to see the second method as well. One may be easier than the other for some of us. Please and thank you.

Opps never mind. I see you have posted it in the comments area. My bad. I had not read that far down when i posted.

Should I visualise it bursting with light as a symbol of power just to clarify?

Thinks for sharing, I’m going to do it.

This is very powerful. Thank you for sharing. I feel so much peace now after having tried it once. It’s like something in me is so relaxed and just saying, “Thank you”.

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This works! I just tried it and IT. WORKS. THANK YOU.


If I may ask, what was your result or experience?

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Sure. I used it before I did my divinations. Got all correct answers.

For the past one week i have been using this method daily focusing on certain tasks, its been manifesting without fail.


I’ve been experimenting with this and as yet haven’t landed a result. Does it matter that I don’t feel anything in my solar plexus chakra? Some chakras I feel very strong sensations in, but not that one…

I did everything as mentioned in the post, apart from it what i added to the working was the LoA method revealed by Azazel through our another BALG member. So when i finish this method and naturally when i start to feel the doubt whether i did it correct or not or whether it will work or not, then i will reinforce the working with LoA method. Also i ll believe strongly it will work, without any lust for results and it manifests.

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