Azazel’s Dream (A little help)

• This Dream was very vivid unlike others we usually have every night and this was very random because I never even thought about Azazel this week as far as I am concerned. For me it feels like a call, But please let me know what you think.

• I saw myself standing inside a huge dark house, standing staring through the window I saw legions of demons, with sparkling red eyes. I saw a huge being face like a dragon. He kinda looked like this but it was greyish in color.


• His face came near me holding my collar, I asked him “in the name of Azazel, LEAVE!”

• That dragon answered “if you are saying in Azazel’s name, I shall take your energy” I saw a lightning passing through me to that dragon.

  • The dream ended there. Now I am wondering, is that a call from Azazel?
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Who knows , if he can make you dream once , he can do it again , call to him and try again


I will try evoking him next week. I have never evoked him yet.

Okay , you can also try making offerings to him , google it

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I know that already. Thanks.

Have you tried evoking him?

I’ve evoked Archangels and Odin

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His energy is pretty hot, but not as hot as Satan. Good luck!

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I can relate with that. I think I felt his essence because I felt intensely weak when I first did Azazel black flame meditation.

Thankyou .:sparkles:

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You’re welcome

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