Azazel Offering

So I decided to evoke or rather attempt to evoke Azazel and since I didn’t know what to offer my first thought was blood. So made a cut on my palm and offered him some blood, do you guys think that this’s enough as for demon like him?


Oh yes, dear one. That is more than enough. You’ve offered more blood than most. Did you experience pain as well? The pain can be a potent offering coupled with the blood. I’m sure he appreciated this deeply.


Experienced some pain however the weird thing was that I struggled to stop the bleeding later even tho it was a shallow cut.

And you aren’t taking any medication or anticoagulants that would cause you to bleed more?

If you’re not taking such things, then it is a good sign. He has definitely taken an eye to you and you made successful contact.

I don’t take any kind of medication

Ah, very good. Success it is.

Forgot to mention I did not yet open the sigil

Opening the sigil is different for everyone. What others may experience, may differ from how you open. The offering is accepted, however. When you do open the sigil, he will have plenty of energy to flow from.

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