Azazel Came to me in a Dream

I’m posting this to get some insight. When I had this dream about 6 years ago it excited me and threw me on a destructive path that I’m just now recovering from. Please read and tell me what insights you might have. I did, after having the dream, research Azazel and a lot of the symbiology made perfect sense, just not sure why it came to me and why Azazel said what he said at the end…

The Dream: I’m in my bedroom, lights on late at night. I hear crowds of people cheering outside. I open my window and see a float (a parade float) going by with a large insanely strong looking being on it. As the float went by and I saw the tail end of it, there was a baby blue banner that read “It’s A Boy!”

The float stopped a house over from mine. The giant got off and he started fighting human men in a circle while other humans cheered on. I thought to myself “Wow! This is really interesting but I need to get to bed. I have work tomorrow.” And as I lied down in my bed, with the lights still full blown, I heard a voice say “I will destroy your soul” in sinister, broken hiss. I asked out lout “what is your name?” And it said “Azazel.”

What I’m curious about is why he showed me the imagery and then threatened me? I also, days after, heard in meditation “I AM NO THING”

The events of my life before and afterwards are no less beguiling, but wanted to know others insights and thoughts. I’ve started listening to The Book of Azazel on YouTube. I’m sure I’ll get an insight, but let me know yours… please.


Lots of times its the symbology of dreams that have meaning.
I would look up the key symbols and see what it means to dream of them…like the float …“it’s a boy” the colors in the dream should all have meaning

As for what Azazel said… it could mean something destroying your temple to rebuild it.
Or something of that nature. It’s doesn’t necessarily have to be bad.

Also spirits have been known to test us to see if we will show fear or stand our ground.

Either way Azazel took notice for a reason.

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It was interesting, when he said “I will destroy your soul” I laughed at him and said “I have to work tomorrow” and turned over and went to sleep. I never felt like it was evil, it was just perplexing but now as I travel farther down the Left Hand Path it’s starting to make a little more sense. Thank you.


after I asked his name of course

Also, it wasn’t until this dream that I even knew who Azazel was. I looked at all the symbology and I have my own personal ideas of what he was trying to tell me. It certainly led me to this path.

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holy shit ur a badass, I really hope to have that courage if I get threatened

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I’m no badass in this world, I worry and get paranoid in my mundane form. My astral body on the other hand, she’s a badass. I look forward to integrating that within me everyday. You have it too.

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Also, I it was an automatic response in my astral form because I didn’t like being threatened, that was my way of not giving power in the form of fear. I wasn’t even sure what entity I was dealing with at the time. Love this forum, helps a lot.

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I recently had a dream with Azazel… I don’t know him well, nor any of the Fallen Angels, i’m much more of a right hand path person. But he came as a large dark figure, and we had a conversation… he didn’t introduce himself… almost like he expected me to know who he was lol. I had no fear of him and he was polite and reassuring.

It’s funny to read this cause I had a dream about azazel back in 2015 he was a giant golden shinning man. Massive figure and a bunch of men and women were telling me , “you have to kill him” the first time I did. The second time i couldn’t cause i said i loved him. I had never heard his name before but I kept hearing “azazel” over and over.

I was Azazel.
I just had a dream last night, I was a mistress. Fooling around with a married man then suddenly his wife came to the house, I got lucky and escaped through the bathroom door then I took shelter from a neighboring house where an old lady offered me clothes. I thanked her and said I will reward her for her kindness, and she said thank you, I know you are Azazel :flushed: what could be the meaning of this dream?

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