Azazel and his teachings of many astral body's

Last night Azazel explained to me that there are many energy bodies within us, such as the astral, the soul, the spirit, the darkself, the lightself, the four bodies of the elements and that we even have planetary bodies and their if you’ve actually entered the infernal lake you may have the infernal body.

He goes on to say the amount of energy bodies on individual has is beyond comprehension.

And that to master oneself completely and to master the physical body, one must develop, exercise, energise, empower, stimulate and awaken these energy bodies.

Ah I love new ways of magickal evolution, especially through empowerment since my goal is complete ascent and demonic descent


That puts me in mind of this exercise he gave me:


This is very similar to a working I did with him

What’s about this lake?
I had visions of a firey sea and am
told to reach this astral place, where it is.

Is this lake the Purgatory?

I’ve read alot of your posts and you have some solid experiences and explain well. thank you.

Can we merge all the bodies into one?