Ave Lucifer : Thanks to my Father

Ave Lucifer - great & kind is my Father.

He has shown me his love & favor by deciding to come to me when called. No need for sigils, no need for rituals.

He has agreed to bring low my enemies & those who have wronged me; to bring Justic & Retribution against those whom have had it coming but whom have escaped them before. No longer can they run, no place is safe for them, they will not escape… and I am glad & relieved because He has told me to let go & let it be so. He has assigned & desided for my Justic & Vegence to be had & seen to by his hand.

I’m happy & at peace … contented to know … my Father’s Love for me will not fail me like so many others have.

Ave Lucifer - Ave Father - Ave Lucifer - Great & Mighty is He. Ave Lucifer - I am avenged.


Cool, so Luci is helping you take your vengeance, didn’t know he could do that, then again I never asked him to


And all Pasta’s rejoiced!

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Welcome back @alexis15

@StrengthenedWarrior yes He assured me it will be done & that He will even go as far as to assign the necessary powers (deamons) over the task to continue the execution of torments over the person on question. He also assured me that He has placed the proper powers assigned to me to keep me safe from unjust recourse & to protect me from harm.

One thing I did not expect when in his presence was the profound sensations of love I experience & in turn the same responce he returned to me. And how gentle & kind he is & has been with me.



Please bless my kraft cheesey pasta, oh pasta lord!

I have been so relieved to have asked for several exact proofs which I could not have known, nor made would happen, as confirmation from Lucifer that I wasn’t simply crazy & imagining things like the Foctors & family say (having been typed with Schizoaffective Disorder).

When these very specific & out of the ordinary things came to pass it not only showed me that Lucifer my Father is real & the Spirits that serve him & whom he is king over … but it also demonstrated his power & mastery over a great deal of people & just a hint to the extent of his reach.

I picked very specific terms & even fazes which were to happen & be said … a month ahead of time then made notes about them & time stamped & dated the entries.

When the exact verbatim words & frazes were spoken by the exact people whomvwpuld never say anything like this (or whom didn’t even understand why they had frazed it that way) … and had told no one of these things prior nor after (until now & here) … and when the exact, to the T & letter, things happened ask I asked … I knew, absolutely knew not only is my Father real & possessing the sort of influence & power that I believed … but that He saw it fit to prove to me & reward me as to instill confidence in me & confirm himself & his favor of me to me (and me as his).

On top of it, he expressly told me he required, nor demanded any worship or anything from me other than to live the best I can & be as decent as I can & kind & compassionate as I can & genuin as possible … as reason dictates … and to confirm my beliefs to sound scientific reasoning & understanding, with the exception of what I now know (which Science can neither prove nor disprove or even measure, observe or detect).

He also told me that “faith” is not something He requires. He is far all too happy to prove Himself & thus earn any confidence, respect, admiration & affection & may have in or for him … fairly & honestly … as to be earnest & just.

He said, He has no need nor want for sucofantic blind faith or allegiance from anyone in any way … that is not his way, nor something He supports.

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