Avatars, our short but long journey

Hello, my name is actually James. My friend is @LordVader. We have been on a long journey together for about 1 year.

We started being told by spirits that we are actually incarnated mythological Gods such as the concept of Avatars in Hinduism.
So in the beginning i was told that i am Thor. My friend Castor was told he was Horus.
It was from this point on that we began to really try discover who we really were.
We began learning that we aren’t actually Thor and Horus but instead other spirits. Eventually we began to believe that i am actually a Goddess.
We jumped around from different Gods and Goddesses. We even got to the point were we believed that almost all Gods in mythology were the same and all Goddesses in mythology were the same. I thought i was all of these Goddesses and Castor thought he was all of these Gods. We eventually learned how fricking wrong we were. So we sort of relapsed and started figuring things out from the ground up.
We kept jumping from one God to another and we soon kept changing who we thought we were over and over again.
We learned all about Djinn and Jinn. We learned that Djinn and Jinn are real beings that exist outside of strictly Muslim beliefs. We eventually thought that we are incarnted Djinn ourselves.
We kept this belief for a while and eventually we started to regress from it.
But as time grew on Castor started to learn that he is actually the God Ares. He also learned that Ares is also known as the Demon Asmodeus.
As for me i eventually came to the conclusion that i am Lilith.
We know that for most people this sort of thing might seem crazy but it really isn’t. There many Avatars among us that most do not know about. We are simply on our awakening experience. This experience has brought us many things and has taught us a lot. But right now we need to know who we really are. We need someone to help us figure out who we truly are and not we believe ourselves to be. We are not begging anyone to help us but we are asking that everyone be open minded enough to think about what i have just told you.
We are just in need of help in discovering what our souls are, or if we are actually Avatars.
Thank you and have a great day.


Yes, you are, like all peoples. Lady Eva explains this here great:

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I’m glad you didn’t link it and just pasted ^ That is very reassuring. A lot of people come to believe they are the literal incarnation of some big deal entity, and I don’t blame them. It can be more worrying than inspiring, seeing as so many mentally unwell people come to the same conclusion. But I think that if one of us were truly the incarnation of a powerful entity, like how everyone said Jesus was, we would literally be able to do incredible things with little effort. That’s how I see it. Like we might need some magic training to remind us, but it would all click and we’d just have this ridiculous potential we didn’t need to work for.

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I read somewhere (don’t remember where, it was some stuff related to kabbalah) that we are gods in training.


Who says Jesus wasn’t trained? The Christian Bible does not account for 30 years of his life. Some say he went to India and learned from gurus and sages there. Ijs


Yeah he could’ve been trained. It’s interesting how new age white magicians who don’t prescribe to Christianity say Jesus was a big deal regardless. But there is so much worship and energy going his way from the planet that it’s impossible to know for sure whether he was a big deal or was even a person who lived at all.

More importantly, a big deal entity probably wouldn’t incarnate on Earth because they’d already evolved beyond it, and even if we’ve lived many past lives there’s still always basic human lessons that need to be relearned each lifetime that aren’t fun.


I’ve heard that Jesus did do this.