Automatic writing

Is anyone here willing to share their thoughts and experiences on automatic writing?
I went through a period a long time ago where I did it a lot and then it started feeling wrong, whoever I was talking to did not have good intentions, so I stopped altogether and never let my hands sit idle since.
If you do practice it, who are you talking to and what do you use the process for?


Hi @Ruby_Conundrum,

I think you used it like an Ouija board. Blind envocation.
For example: even a pendulum can get imposters when you don’t cleanse or open with intend or sigil.

Many people start that way. Just asking a question. What I think would help, is this:

  1. Meditate. You can already use a sigil here.
  2. Say: ‘In this automatic writing session I’m only inviting the spirit that I’m addressing the writing too’
  3. Address it on paper: to My higher self or My Angels/Daemons or My spirit guide or spirit name
  4. If your finished. say: ‘Other energies with negative intend, other then the spirits I’m addressing, you need to depart’

This prevents a blind evocation and uses your own willpower for banishing…


I have experiences with automatic drawing. I have drawn things that are far beyond my actual drawing skills. Also I do automatic bass playing with one of my succubi. She always nails the notes on fretless.


I used automatic writing (mostly calling Demons) instead of classical evocation, probably my reasoning was “The spirits doesn’t appear, at least let’s read their messages”.
During a period I was getting a name or a word: Lendorres; on another occasion I contacted the spirit Selleuon, maybe a demon whose name I got from one of his ‘colleagues’.


You act as a channel in automatic writing, and if the channel is not airtight contaminants will get in. I suspect parts of your own mind seeped in and muddied the words.

In my own automatic writing practice I hardly know who I’m talking to and usually dont care.


I like to autowrite on occasion as practice. I’ll have a longer post soon.

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That’s pretty much how things went down. I’m not sure if I would be able to relax my hand enough to do it again, it seemed to stick around for a long time and it took a lot of energy to make it go away.

Do you use automatic writing yourself?

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You have a sucubus? And it plays bass! How cool :blush:

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Did you find it helpful?

I do not have difficulties to let a spirit use my arm for writing and drawing, but often I am not able to read what it writes. Sometimes they write so fast.

At the time I asked to the entity making me write “Lendorres” if it was a parasite/imposter (having read that one should unmask such spirits) and it replied “yes”. But perhaps it wasn’t the same one each time… somehow I feel that, if Lendorres is a name, it should belong to an ‘authentic’ spirit.

I used to use it for ghosts, but now I use it for angels, demons etc. The problem with communicating with ghosts is that it’s like a flood gate; when you try to contact one, suddenly all of them want to contact you.

I use it to practice mediumship and just communicate with spirits in general.

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@Adramelek do you call a particular spirit when you start writing or just see who pops up?

@Prophet I found that too. I was getting multiple ghosts. Some were just lonely, others were manipulative :unamused:

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@fapa79 what did Lendorres want from you?

@Borgy @MagusOfGamaliel I forgot to @ you both when I replied

When I was a boy I had one or a few dreams about a book of magick, small but rich and captivating, that sometimes I happened to read but eventually went lost. So I attempted automatic writing in order to ‘get’ the content of that hypothetical book, the first thing my hand wrote was “Lendorres” and, since then, the same word appeared in other sessions.

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@fapa79 did Lendorres give you the content from the book?

I remember getting the titles of 2 supposed chapters, more or less like “The observations of Browederick” and “The experiment of Swedereigh” (this name reminds of Swedenborg), but not so much more.

Is that the same thing as scrying or scribing? Like writing in a trance? That’s how I write my novels. When I go back to edit I feel like someone else wrote it. I’ve never tried it to communicate with spirits.