Automatic Writing with Lucifer or Parasite? Please help

Hello everyone,

I am a complete layman so please excuse my amateur language.
I would like some help from experienced magicians. I am a beginner. I started around 6-7 months ago.
I started invocation with lot of demons. I dont have any psychic senses developed. But I started feeling demons in my mind’s eye first.
Then one day slowly my hands started lifting up in the air when demons arrived. As I realised that my hands were suspectible for invocation / partial possession. I decided to try Automatic Writing a try.
I realised I had a knack for it. It took few tries. But I started to do automatic writing succesffully.
And that became my major source of communication with demons. The handwriting and writing speed was different with every demon.
I communicated with Lucifer a lot. Lucifer asked me to not eat for 1 day a week (for 5 weeks) and I asked him for a lot of things. Some inconsequential things (like having some people contact me/call me/text me), and some things I really cared about like knowing when I will be able to connect to significant someone and meeting some new people in my love life.
None of the things have happened. The timelines “Lucifer” promised me for these things are also past. And I have finished those 5 weeks of 1 day hungry.
I recently discovered “parasites” and read about it (on this forum too). And now I am wondering whether this is a parasite.
Unlike the things I have read, my only connection with the spirits is just automatic writing and some meditation. I have never spend more than 1 hour on any ritual. And I am not regular with any demon including Lucifer (or parasite).
I have never done a ritual without casting a mental protection circle.
While I cannot claim that I was always emotionally calm and not-upset during every ritual, I made sure I was composed and in control.
Being a newbie (6-7months) many many times most demons, including Lucifer come within 3-5 minutes now and sometimes even seconds!!! which made me first feel nice that I am naturally skilled, but now having no tangible results to show I am in doubts.
Is there a way to test this now? I read that demons dont like getting tested just for the sake of it. But if its a parasite wasting my time. What should I do?
Should I maybe try asking for an amount like 100$ from somewhere which confirms that its Lucifer?
Any help is appreciate and please ask any other info which I might have missed out.

Big Thanks

So, what technique are you using so far to summon Lucifer and what are you doing to confirm it’s him and not a parasite or thought form?

When you ask for things, do you strongly visualize the outcome and feel that it is done during the working?

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Sorry should have mentioned that.

After mentally casting a circle. I started by pathworking + visualising his sigil. (mostly pathworking). And then I just assume he is here and continue to chant his enn till I “feel” him and like I wrote my hands start rising in the air by self. After that I shift to auto-writing.

what am i doing to confirm its him and not a parasite?
thats what i want to know?? how can i do that? mostly what i read when beginning to practice magick:
assume demon is here and he will do what asked. did not even know the concept of “parasites” until now. and i also read demons dont like being tested for the sake of being tested. But at this point I rather not waste my time (and energy if IT IS a parasite)

When you ask for things, do you strongly visualize the outcome and feel that it is done during the working?

Simply saying, No. (i do recognize its importance) And based on what I Read I thought I will start by developing a relationship with a demon first. And start with insignificant things. e.g. I asked Lucifer to get XYZ to text me. I did not sit and visualise that happening. But I ab not obsessive about that person or getting that text. And honestly even forgot about this request for a while. But eventually I realised it did not happen.

Sorry. Complied