Automatic Scrying?

Hey, so with all my time scanning and scrying…I’ve noticed that I scry basically automatically. Only when my eyes are closed though, like scrying into my eyelids/darkness and it just happens randomly.

I think the reason this happens when my eyelids are closed was because I started working on my senses with my eyes closed…with mediations and working on my chakras (I don’t work with chakras anymore, the system I mean). So I kinda developed my “inner vision” if you will.

Does this happen with anyone else? I seem to have runes come up alot but sometimes images and stuff. It’s pretty neat but half the time I don’t know what causes what to “appear”. I also don’t know if it’s external from an entity or internal. Although if I think of something, sometimes that pops up so I know that’s me lol. But sometimes it’s very random. I also get the small “balls” of lights that comes and fades away but that might just be visual issues. Although I’ve noticed it when trying to communicate to my lady or something. That and ear ringing.

Also sometimes spirits sigils (like Lilith’s) randomly get scryed too…that won’t like summon her or make her aware of it right? Cause it’s a very automatic thing, so… I mean it comes in handy like if I intend or am thinking of a symbol …that’ll appear but also just randomly without my meaning too. And some of them, I don’t know what they mean till I look them up.

@Mulberry Thoughts? I don’t think it’s a bad thing that it’s automatic/on autopilot as in like not leaving me vulnerable…and I do notice the pressure feeling that people describe by my forehead/brow area alot but it doesn’t happen at the same time as stuff getting scryed.

My take on this is it’s clairvoyance coming from your subconscious. It’s found a way to get messages to you, but they’re not making sense yet. Asking questions helps.

I think I get something like this with clairaudience, I wrote in my journal how I was “hearing” random sentenses that didn’t really make any sense when in the right trance state. Actually playing phone match games does it for me. And now it’s just started happening that after I call an entity I get answers the same way that I “hear” random nonsense. I’m getting more random and also messages that actually respond to questions. So that’s cool :slight_smile:

If it’s anything like that then, I’d say keep doing it and look for it to get stronger, more frequent and start making more and more sense.