Attracting a crush

Anybody Know a demon that can influence this girl I like to go out with me?

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Use the search function, you will find a ton on that topic. Few beings of the top of my head though



But there are other beings that aren’t demons that can help you with attraction too.

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Have you tried talking to them before resorting to freaky deamon shit?


Yeah about 3 times

Are you suave sexy or weird? Lol anyway, I hear Astarte is good in these manners, but idk for sure. I’ve never done it myself.

Good luck

Well I don’t think I’m ugly, I’m not a hunk of anykind

I’ll try tho

Weird question but relevant to your situation, what do you really think of yourself?

The answer will reveal your mannerisms and what you really want or expect to happen.

I hear Inanna is a good option too since I been told before that it even better at attracting than hoodoo love magic.

Like I said,I use to think I was ugly in the past but now not so much, that’s why I’m really interested in this girl, I honestly consider her stunning and amazingly beautiful, I think I’m just average but I dont really care

There’s your problem, it’s going to sound corny but you need to build your confidence first.

Ugh, what spirit can help with confidence

Here’s what I want you to do daily, simple exercise,

When you wake up ask yourself these questions and answer honestly,

What do I like about myself?
Why am I rich?

If you answer negatively do it again until positive.

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Agree since attraction spells work much better if you have confidence as well.

don’t assume her sexual preference you misogynistic male lol jk :rofl:

What now?

But I’m not rich

are you in school? is she the popular girl? I remember those days how I hated them. don’t take the just be yourself advice use a lust spell.
or try lilith for advice

Lacking confidence… We are all rich. Rich doesn’t just mean financial it means everything you are grateful for and developing this positivity means eventually it can help you financially and other aspects of your life.

Build your confidence, do my exercise I suggested to you daily