Attract new friendship recover lost ones

Those last years had been strange for me, i’ve changed a lot, my ideals and my priorities also changed.
I’ve been isolated during lockdowns after coming back home with my parents(they are very “toxic” so i leaved home a lotta years ago…).
All my friends live in another city, and those 4 years rarely wrote me or visited me.
Beside my flaws, i desperately need some changes.
I’d like to find a new social circle here where i live now, or at least recover the old one.
I’m also searching for a job to go live alone, no progress here whatsover.
What can i try for that situation?

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Get involved with clubs, classes or groups so you can meet people that are interested in the same things.

Volunteering in say, an animal shelter or taking an art class, taking adult education community college classes, or joining the Rotary Club if you have an interest in business, or maybe there’s a sports club or hunting lodge if that’s your thing.

That’s what i tried already(did a 3 year art class) but things gone wrong due to lockdowns(for reasons i cannot share here) and my flaws.
I’m also searching job for that more then money.
What can i do to reconcile old friends instead? Maybe we could tie again.