Athos Salomé - Antichrist

Hey have you heard about the Athos Salomé
Media are calling him the Living Nostradamus
He was talking about that antichrist will appear in 2023. What do you think about it.
Or someone was hearing something about
Antichrist in my opinion something strange
Is happening floods around globe. Saudi arabia oman california texas france, usa -42 in new york snow cold winter in Usa, winter in vietnam but not as ordinary winter. Tornadoes.

Do you remember the same kind of crap was spouted about 2012?

Every time things get chaotic in the world there are always religious prophecies about the “End Times” or the " Anti-Christ." When you actually take a look at history, though, you can clearly see that it’s literally nothing new. There are always apocalyptic warnings spouted by someone because we humans hate uncertainty and need to look for external reasons for why things are happening because, we couldn’t possibly be responsible for them ourselves, right?


That’s because the Earth goes through cycles and we are seeing one happening now. A reduced magnetic field means more osmic radiation which causes induction in the crust and increased geomagnetic and weather activity.

It’s fully explainable by science and it’s got nothing to do with humanity as a whole or any one individual, and unless we can magick away the galactic current sheet there’s nothing we can do about it.


So you are practcing magic, and you dont belive in such thing like strange floods, even in mekka around this weird square was flood and ou and turkey ? After floods cars were stacked like domino literary and you dont belive or you dont watch this im asking bouth.

Hell, I might be practicing magic but even more than in gods or satan I actually believe in human influence, esp over environment. This and the fact that climate change is real and we are going through 6th mass extinction/holocene extinction or whatever its called in english. Another antichrist or apocalypse doesn’t really change anything at this point. More floods will happen, you will experience even weirder winters and that is only a tip of an iceberg.

As for salome - never heard of him before and tbh I’m glad I didn’t, because now his yassified influencer’s face will probably haunt me in nightmares

I think he was the one who guessed the teams that would reach the final of the 2022 soccer world cup and also the winner, right?