Athame stainless steel or silver?

okay so i heard i need a silver knife but i cant find a silver made athame.
so my question is can i buy these silver knifes and consecrate it and use it as a athame?
Does it have to be a dual bladed knife ?

silver knife

I’ve actually used a steak knife as an athame before, as well as one made from bone. While there are reasons why traditions may choose one type of knife over another, I find that whatever you can get your hands on fulfills the need. The purpose of the tools is to improve your focus and through fore your intention. Use whatever you have available and see how it goes for you


thanks for the info, but is silver better than stainless steel?

They all do the same,any ritual equipment is used only to make the performance run at a better rate since the items are a physical embodiment or shall I say manifestation of the symbolic resemblance of what is in the Mind.


Honestly, I wouldn’t say it is. Not only have I had better experience working with steel over silver. Silver requires additional maintenance to keep it from tarnishing, which can be annoying. It also is more expensive than steel

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i believe i once read a comment of yours about pazuzu and leraje, if i do sigil magick with the sigil of pazuzu is that safe? i need to ask him to do some work.

Tje only difference is the metal. But a knife from dollr tree can do the same as a 50 knife silver will atract more vibes. If cant afford a knife. Go to a home store, and nuy coper, its cheap and u can create yourse 1.

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Yeah, I have not had any problems with Pazuzu personally. The sigils works fine as well, although I find a picture of his statue a bit more effective

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a picture of his statue himm…
so i can buy something like this and use it ? should i than gaze at the statue and than state my request ?
(just to be clear, he can finish a target right?)

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Yup. Yes he can. He also a good spirit to develope a relationship with in general, as he is very protective.

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patron right there, thanks for your replys

last question tho, protection physical and spiritual ? or only one of them?

I would say both

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Im getting a grimoire of pazuzu. Not enghlish book. So if its something u guys need to knw. Or spell i will update book artive by tuesday.

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yes please, whats the name of that book brother?

do you know which colours pazuzu prefers?

I cnt tell title since its privately edition. All and say european. See screenshots only. Its a few posts on pazuzu here, he like nlue candles lavander incense.someone here put his call. Invocation. Wat im getting tuesday i will post here. Its not good books in pazuzu yet. Maybe 1 .and it has similar calls to the posts here. Check here pazuzu.

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do you received the book brother?

Got the book. He like blue candles, lavender. Incense. His invocations are short. Its some info, here but the call and incense colors seems copy of 2 guys from europe the editicion i have is diferent. I will post later some of them here

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Is any spell u need,? So i can translatr.?

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you already know. :slight_smile: