At a standstill and Spirits outing me

Hey everyone.

Recently nothing in my life has been going right.

It’s almost been a year since I did my first evocation. But as of recent things have been just plain bad.

First I haven’t really had much success with any of my evocations. This has been for a good 2-3 months. Things feel extremely dry and I’m putting in a lot of work projecting to the astral and becoming lucid in my dreams.

I have been requesting demons and spirits if they could help me become lucid a bit easier so I can make contact with them. I had recently done this but it was by me pushing through the dream, but in the end, I never felt them arrive or depart. Though I did see some images in my mind they haven’t been answered even though it’s been more than a month.

I’m really at a standstill and I feel like my evocations are quite useless because even a month after I asked for something that was totally in my reach, hasn’t even happened.

I don’t get much of a presence from any spirit and it makes me feel less involved in my workings. I do calm down when I evoke but even in the best state of mind, I can only feel some light energy. It’s been like that since when I first started.

Another thing is when I first started I had much help. I was assisted into the astral multiple times and I felt extremely happy in that time period. Everything was going right. I understand that’s not always the case but it’s been really me and me only. I’m honestly not quite sure of the issue that’s stopping me from being able to have that. I know that was because I was new to it and needed some help but with all the energy I’m putting in now, there’s no reason why I can’t produce that myself.

And making things worse Mepsithal confessed to my friend that I was talking smack behind her back. Which it wasn’t really talking smack because I was just complaining to my friends that she was hurting me and not caring for me. It’s gotten to the point where I’m regretting even telling her about Spirits and Demons since were on bad terms and I know she has been casting shit to make my life hard-As of 2 weeks ago.

I’m more pissed about Mepsithal outing me like that. I understand this could be false and she made that up so I would have a go at Mepsithal, but I can’t get into good enough contact to even ask if this was what happened.

Being at a standstill and having friendship drama isn’t something I want and I need help getting out of this.

I understand I have to take it into my own accords but some assistance from spirits would make it less intense in my life.

If anyone has any good suggestions to deal with these things it would mean a lot.


I’ll never understand why someone just beginning evocation a year ago would decide to work with Mepsithal and not spirits more well known and tested as beginner friendly.


This sounds like a classic case of going deep into magick without setting up your basics


Honestly I don’t have any advice other than do your best man


i wouldn’t get mad at the spirit it would cause more of a drift between you two and just means more you got to make up for to the spirit to get back on good terms with it.
Also i was going to say cleansing yourself might help and then working with a spirit a bit easier and maybe trying to mend your bond with Mepsithal because you probably already pissed him off just getting mad at the spirit in general. Talk to a spirit thats a bit more closure to you like your personal guardian Angel might give you a response you’re looking for or even a goetia spirit but maybe one of the lesser ones because you don’t want to risk pissing off another spirit.


Yeah dude I’m going to have to agree with the other replies. Why not work with well known friendly spirits…

Another thing your magical groundwork training.
It’s like at dinner time when you were a child your parents made you eat the peas before you got dessert. It’s the same in magick with doing the exercises and groundwork rituals before moving on to evocation. Eat your peas first…


To be honest, this sounds nothing at all like Mepsitahl.

Mepsitahl is a spirit from the Sphere of Neptune, and her speciality is in helping one develop their clairvoyance. She would not “out” any secrets. That’s not her thing.

I would seriously question this.


Yeah I said that to her and she said it was her. I still doubt this is true but I’m not quite sure on what or who told her.

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Well I only started evoking Mepsithal after I had previously worked with King Paralda-I evoked him first to help me with my clairs.

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I think your friend lied.

Get a reading on it.


Yeah, I’ve asked a spirit before not to rat on me to a target, and he flat out said “If they ask, I will be truthful”. Higher beings don’t like to lie.

How the target interprets that truth may not be something they’ll automatically control, and it may be worth doing a sweetening spell to get your frenemy to lighten up, or bind her to stop hurting you, and block her magick.


Okay, but that’s still a far less tried & tested spirit compared any of the 72 of the Goetia. What draws you to elementals?


What do you suggest for binding?

Well I originally had the Kostanos summoning spirits book and I found her name there.

She is also used in Koetting’s book Works of Darkness and his mastering evocation course. She is now a fairly well known spirit, and like I said, the behaviour sounds nothing like her.


I like to combine a freezer spell with poppet work.

Two post down from that @Keteriya mentions honey jars you can try as well.

This forum is many years old and most question have been answered multiple times in multiple ways. always try a search and browse what you get, you’ll find a small goldmine of occult info.