Astral venom how does it work?

Lately I was given a sword by Samael that has the ability to inject astral venom into a target. Off course I’m not going to use it like a toy.

I understand that astral venom eats away at a target or poisons their energy on a soul level which manifests physically but can it actually you know, off enemies? I got the message 12 days .

Also if one was to say attack the physical body with an astral weapon like this, could the physical damage manifest faster? I’ve used my spirit claws and teeth on targets before, it takes a while but manifests as dark circles and even injury

Thanks in advance


If you cause enough damage, more than they can heal before it shuts down something vital, then I would expect so. Biological healing processes, and also adaptation, are a natural and automatic counter for things like this. Hopefully they don’t gain tolerance to the toxin.

Someone that meditates and can wilfully find issues and heal themselves will be harder to affect long term or in a great way. But practice makes perfect, you could make it a daily thing to build up the damage faster than they heal.

Same thing.
You’re not attacking the physical (or you’d see the results as immediately as with a physical blade), you’re attacking any of several layers above and looking for the change to manifest in the physical.


Thank you for the input as always golden advice there!

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