Astral travel/”peaking” question

How exactly you can more efficiently attack parasitic spirits while projection? I’ve used energy shields and tried to attack with actual energy, but the impact is more lame than hoped.

I feel better protected when I don’t leave my room fully (it’s well guarded) but when astral projecting fully, one spesific spirit always tries to catch me and nothing works on it. It reminds me of a human spirit, like another traveller. I can only escape by going back to my body.

I realized I was doing some kind of astral ”peaking” instead of attempted RV, like @Mulberry in my earlier thread suggested. The information received from the target is anyway quite the same, and I’m not leaving my body in this excercise. Entities, spirit animals often appear when I’m doing it and I’m sending some of my energy to the destination alltough I don’t fully project (for full projection I need to be in a trance state/enter in sleep paralysis while awake)

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Btw I noticed the animals are harmless and somehow even beneficial, so I don’t banish them anymore (previous thread).


Instead of using your own energy, breathe in from the Cosmos and lead it through you or bring it directly from the Cosmos to attack. You can get tons more that way than just using your Ren Qi by itself.

Also try upping the ante on any visualisation, like, not a flamethrower but a nuke, not a knife or sword but a huge spiked mace that smashes it into unrecognizable jam, not flame but a white hot incendiary that instantly vaporizes them, not a cord or tendril but a firehose. Look up awesome (in the true sense of the word in that they leave you slightly flabbergasted) videos of massively destructive things to get a reference for this usage.


What is your emotional state while traveling ? Astral body is also known as the emotional body. If you are carrying a slight doubt or negativity in the back of your head, in astral it will magnify.

Astral travel you aren’t going anywhere out of your body but inside your deep mind. You are not leaving your body.
How could you be defeated or chased in your own head if You don’t allow it yourself ?

In real life what is the most prolific non magickal attack you know? For eg i am a a wrestling fan, when growing up I used to watch a lot Brock Lesnar, I thought his finishing move was the most devastating one.

Each time ( rarely although) if I am attacked I would use the finishing move on the entity, I knew firmly, without any doubt ! The move will kill him.
And I rarely have a parasite attacking me cause I know for sure I can’t be reached nor attacked and I have developped some personal technics.

If you see for eg a Lion attacking you, do not look at him for too long otherwise you mind will emerge dark memories or deep fears you won’t be able control because your conscious mind is shut down to keep you safe from your hidden emotions instead use this trick, look somewhere with a thought back in your head that when you will turn again to the lion there will be a Tiger fighting him. This is the trick. If you try to imagine directly the tiger he won’t manifest in front of you, instead let your subconscious do that while you are not seeing it. This is a secret of manifestation, let the back of your mind manifesting without you seeing the process. When God appeared to Moses in flamme, Moses could only see his back of manifestation. He couldn’t see the process behind manifestation. When tasking a spirit, you want to only focus on the result, not how the spirit will proceed in each step to manifest your desires

If you see a terrible entity, do not look at him directly and try to manifest your weapon in front of him. It won’t be potent, instead use different tricks. For eg if you are too scared start running , say to yourself at the corner when I turn, the sun will rise (don’t try to manifest or imagine a bright :sun_with_face: just feel it for a second ). When you turn the sun will rise, after that say to yourself, “at the right corner the sun will be so bright, it will be burning things around, I will be hearing the dark shadow crying for his life” you feel it for a moment as you keep running.

And then you stop, with a simple thought know that behind you the sun is shining l. Don’t even think once of the shadow cause he’s already gone.

This trick helps your subconscious to manifest thing faster and efficiently. If you use your conscious mind to manifest it won’t be so strong because there will always be that inherent fear unless you have been practicing and experiencing this for a long time. With time you won’t need these tricks anymore.

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Ah that’s a great tip, I have only ”charged” me before the launch but not realized I can use the Cosmos energy while travelling. I’ll do that definitely from now on.

Also a great tip, thank you. Indeed, my visualization has been more like a sword or a tazer.

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Yep no, I don’t have negative mind setting and I wouldnt travel in a bad mood anyways.

Have to say I disagree, depending what you mean. I am in my physical body and it’s only a energetic copy which is sent out, but you definitely visit in physical places if they are the target destination and you can even have an impact on physical electric devices. Or visit in someone else’s head. At the same time, you are able to see every entity that is normally invisible. When you visit in places or people, they certainly can have negative energy around which has already attracted certain beings there, which will then certainly notice the traveller.

When you are only inside your own head, that’s called imagination.

That’s a good tip, I do need to figure out what move/weapon would feel like my own and sinultaneously would feel super impactful.

I’m nowadays never scared really. The entities are never anymore something that scare me, but they disturb my focus. I really don’t know why these entities like to follow me since I generally speaking feel really happy and excited most of the time. Sure I allow myself negative feelings when needed, but they just magnify the following ”good vibes”. These are not normal parasites neither I’ve attracted, they are more advanced and cabable to communicate too.

That being said, not all parasites feed from easy energy like fear or other negative type. There was one particularly weird parasite that used love and affection from me. It was really difficult to get rid of too. Maybe it was a ghost of a clingy ex boyfriend or something (just kidding)

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This is because Everything you need and interact with is inside your subconscious. If you didn’t have your mind, where would you go? On what basis. The travel is deeper within you. Know yourself and you will know gods and the universe. The things you experience are in the labyrinth of your subconscious and the unconscious. You have 3 layers: the conscious mind, the subconscious and the unconscious which is universal and connected to every body on this planet and acts on his own, this is where you “god” stays.

When you are in the upper part of the subconscious people back in the days called it Heaven, in the lowest part they called it Hell. Your need your emotions to navigate though this realm. The second part of the subconscious called the Mental realm here you navigate through thoughts.

In the unconscious mind, this is what we call the Causal plane, here it’s cause and effects. You can’t find any demon. This is the realm of karma. This is where you get impressions and manifestations of things you never know would happen because it’s not your own doing but a universal one.
In the causal plane you reach it by sacrifice, you notice that many entities that ascends to be gods sacrificed themselves.

Astral travel allows you to reach consciously in your subconscious mind through your emotions , as you travel deeply experience become clear and realistic.

You can experience by yourself and with time you will reach to the conclusion that everything was always within your mind. Never outside.

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Something else I do, I posted about here, where I box things up and jettison them from my personal reality.

I breathe out as I do the push that yeets the boxed thing into the heart of the sun, and continue breathing out as I also see and hear it go pfoom off from there into the heart of the galaxy, through the black hole there, and notice the remaining debris of something irrecoverably destroyed being emitted from the evet horizon at the poles. Can be repeated if I didn’t properly get a strong hold on them the first time. It’s all symbolic but seems to translate to something that works fine.

I have updated this method so that the “steel” is transparent, I pulled from a concept in Star Trek, where they have "transparent aluminium’ and is used for view ports and to house whales in massive tanks in the film The Voyage Home. I since discovered this has been invented and it’s an aluminium-based ceramic called ALON.

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I kind of agree, to the extend that everything is one and this realm is another manifestation of the mind (mind meaning individuals, which at the same time are the same). Little bit hard to explain. However, concepts of three layers is too narrow to what I’ve seen and I’m not a fan of the “heaven, hell”, or karma concepts either. And there seems to be infinite amount of planes as well. But hey, that’s just my perception and I for sure haven’t visited in infinite amount of places, so I guess everyone’s perception is kind of right. To me it changes all the time.

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@mth_yesco Please stay on topic and refrain from questioning the intent of the OP. As long as @confusedwoman is ok with this departure from the conversation I’ll leave it.

You can start another topic to tell us your personal opinion and worldview on the nature of subtle reality, but it’s not really the point of this topic.

Note: it is understood there are 2 schools of thought, one that all reality is in your mind and there is only you, and the other that external reality exists. Both are valid and work, and it’s not appropriate to attempt to force your version on other people using a different concept.


No problem @confusedwoman i used the known examples as how people used to call it. It was kinda to show how people called it. Within these 3 realm philosophers extended them to the 7 realms as in the Kabbalah. So let me not derail your thread anymore. Take care :wave:

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This seems useful, I may actually have read this before. I’ve been doing something similar to drain a low level entity, putting it into a sack and pushed it towards to the “stargate” (or that’s how I call it, I can indeed see black holes there from time to time but haven’t understood I could move the sack in there). However since I haven’t pushed it all the way to the black hole, I didn’t see the entity dissolve, it was just trapped. I need to read more carefully and try this, thanks a lot!


You are right, sorry about that @confusedwoman


No problem at all, I think there’s a hint of truth in everything and it would be terribly boring if everyone had the same opinion about everything. :slight_smile: Anyway your tip was nice to design personal “favourite” attack. I’m thinking that before my next travel

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Interesting! Yes this makes sense. Black holes are underrated as a magickal tool I feel. I should look into them more. I think they could be quite dangerous to an adept that can get close to them, and I would not try to remote view going into one, what if your mind gets such good site contact that it cannot get out? :smiley:

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Now as you said it, I just realized that it really would be better to stay in the distance :smiley: I’ve been quite careless in my travels and “peaking trips”, I’ve gone pretty close at times. But I believe I’ve avoided them because the black hole hasn’t itself been the destination I’ve intended to go. Would be interesting to know if the theories really apply that the mass pressures into incredibly dense matter. That being said, I wonder how it applies to energetic beings since there is no mass, maybe it works like a prison indeed