Astral Temple Explore

@Keteriya have you tested it? :smiley:

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I see an owl, cats, cat faces, a snowflake and a five-pointed star. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Did you try projecting into the door?

Hey @Velenos do you mind keeping this open through tonight? I’m at work at the moment but would like to practice projecting to your temple. Thanks.

It’ll be open tonight yes, I’m still collecting people’s experiences from it.

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I don’t know how to project myself. I treated it like a sigil. I’ve projected myself a few times in my life but spontaneously, I don’t know how to control it.

The doorway is meant to pull you into it so it’s more that you just have to focus/meditate on it and let it pull you into it.

ok, i’ll try again in a moment.

now I see the contour of a man’s head. ice, a lot of ice, as if everything was made of ice and purple sky sprinkled with stars.

When I looked at it for a while the whole picture started pulsating or flashing and then I saw some trees flash in my mind. But that’s about it. Sorry I’m new to this but wanted to give it a try.

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I tried it twice, sitting here and then before I went to bed. Unfortunately the best I got was some images I saw in the shapes of the colors/as if I were scrying-a blue dragon, a moose and a raven. I’d hoped it would pull me in, but I didn’t really experience anything with it, other than my scrying eyes kicked in.

That’s not bad, that’s where the door takes you.

That’s interesting and no problem lol


I was just like Sighs, great, not the end goal.

I already knew I could scry into just about anything, but it’s usually random images, so I was like. Unless it’s related somehow, this is not very helpful dammit!

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Only thing I can understand is the raven because a few of my guides are there as well as Oisin and Rian lol.

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Oh, I didn’t even think about it being symbolic of spirits around

I thought maybe it was things you related to or decorations or something

But it always seems, that I’m never aware of ALL the spirits around/guiding etc-me too, in my own life. Though I’d assume being able to get out there, you’d have a better estimate for yourself of who your guides are than I do mine.

If they hide, I can’t find em lmao. I swear being a behind the scenes player, is just not fair to me! lmao.
I need guest book or something. No entrance unless you make yaself known. :sweat_smile: :rofl:

Yes, I am being silly and ridiculous. I have my moments.


Have you tried yet?

So last night/today also shows this is a guide of mine too lol

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Curious. Wonder what the moose is then, in light of this. Granted, just because I thought it was a moose, doesn’t mean it necessarily was exactly a moose.

That is an unexpected plot twist. I assumed I was getting random images, that had no relation-Not the forms of your guides. I guess mostly because I couldn’t make any correlation between the images and the temple.

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@Lady_Eva can you edit out the image?

if anyone else wishes to test it I can send it through dm but I am for now removing it from public.

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From the OP? Done. :slight_smile:

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