Astral senses development exercise

Can you give me simple method for astral senses development without any ritual implements or difficult fisical postures?


Look into the Soham Akaal meditation


Check your inbox, I’m going to send you a tutorial for core shamanic journeying that requires no tools and is best done simply lying flat, or seated comfortably in a chair (not on the floor unless you naturally choose to sit on the floor, by which I mean it does NOT require you sit crossed legged).

Also, if implements are not possible for you, you can use your hands for many types of magick:

Reply in that thread if there’s something you need to be able to do, but cannot acquire the tools for it, me (or another member) may have a suitable workaround. :smiley:


Mind if I get a PM on that too?

Can you send me the tutorial, please?
Thank you

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Could I also get a PM on astral techniques

I’ll take one as well lol

Excuse me; mind if I get that tutorial too please?

:grin: could I have the tutorial too, pleeaassee?

I would like the astral senses totural please

Is it possible to still get the astral senses tutorial? If so, may i get one :slight_smile:

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You sent me the spirit animal totural again. If the senses tutorial exercise is still available i would like one.

I’d also like it too please

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@Lady_Eva Can I have the tutorial too please?


It’s one and the same, the act of journeying is the best way to develop senses, because it’s like travelling on a foreign country to learn the language. :+1:


thank you lady eva. So do you have any charkara exercises or toturals?

thank you

No, that one is compehenvie, like a jungle gym, not isolating one muscle group. It’s also the simplest method I know of, and the safest. :+1:


Could you give me the tutorial too please?
Thank you :blush:


Can I please have the tutorial too?

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Can i have tutorial too…Please…Thank you

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