Astral projection

My ego believes me to be a higher level magician

But I suck at astral projection…

When I practice… I can do it prolly 50% of the time… but I can’t stay in the realm enough to do anything… I wake up within 5 min of trying to explore.

I just want some cheat codes or tips on what to do…

I know how to get there… just don’t know how to stay

Being a magician doesn’t mean you master Astral projection…
Yogis can do it, even more things, so that means they are magicians the way we mean it?

I heard about a method to stay longer, to keep an object within your hand… keep your focus on it and on the trip.
I personally don’t know if it’s true or not because I’m still learning and I stay very few minutes out there… last time I was out of my body, I woman literally threw up on my face… that was unbeliavebly real that I checked my body when I woke up.

Wish I could get out in the first place atm!

Umm, yes being a master sorcerer DOES mean that one is proficient in Astral projection.

Right… astral projection becomes easier when you “cheat”.

1.) Start casting spells to help you master astral travel.
2.) Invoke a Spirit before a projection attempt, that specializes in developing Psychic abilities.
3.) Practice at LEAST twice a day
4.) Evoke a spirit to help you (the same spirit you invoke before each attempt… do the evocation FIRST, it need only be done once
5.) Do no other magick until you succeed, unless absolutely necessary.
6.) Set up and astral vortex in your meditation area with the help of the spirit
7.) Lucifer, Leviathan, Hecate, Lilith… these are all good entities to work for this purpose. CHOOSE ONLY ONE. My personal choice would be Lucifer, or Hecate


Create multiple copies of a sigil to increase your psychic faculties. Likewise you can use the seal of the spirit your working with

Open them all, and place them EVERYWHERE inside your home. Failing that, your area of practice.

Start collecting amethyst and charge it with the energy of the spirit you are working with, and seal it with your intent and your blood.
place them all over your house or place of practice

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Ask the spirit to give you a chant UNIQUE TO YOU to help you break through the veil

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Are you a master sorcerer?

Let me re-phrase that sentence, any sorcerer worth their salt, has mastered Astral Projection.
I don’t really believe their is such a thing as a master, but that is just semantics. I would simply say that I am more then capable of handling myself in virtually any arena of sorcery

I was walking you into a verbal mine field and you avoided with grace and tact.

I understand your point but I would say it is an unnecessary skill to be a powerful sorcerer. I think what matters most is manifesting your will, and while AP can be useful in that it is completely possible to excel without it.

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To that I can agree. I spent a great deal of my sorcerous career not being able to. However if we want to begin to push past into the deeper mysteries, it becomes absolutely essential


It is very hard to astral project.

I have given plenty of instructions in this post to make things easier

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Yes I am working with Lilith, but It is harder because I cannot hear.

Invoke her and ask her to help rewire you to be more receptive and open. also if you cannot “hear” her, instead pay VERY close attention to your inspiration. Of course remember to Practice, practice, practice. Piercing the veil isn’t easy. It requires persistence and discipline. You will get there if you persist

I think its essential that we, who can, do not get trapped in Yaldabaoth (the material world) and the glamours of our own powers and forever push forwards and deeper. The Great work of Ages. Those who can must, for who else would? Good day new friend.

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Astral projection isn’t a requirement to be some fantasy “master sorcerer” no such thing exists outside of delusional ideology. A magician is always learning, as long as they live they will always be learning. To follow such a path is to always be a student. Anyone that goes on about themselves or someone else being a master magician is clearly in the wrong place and should leave those ideas in a fantasy novels.

A magician is a wide variety of things, some magicians don’t require astral, some magicians dont even believe in the astral, and some have different views of the astral compared to other magicians. The astral is optional, not a requirement.

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Did a couple this morning but it was more of a Lucid dream… while I was there I just viewed and watched how things played out… to keep myself from getting too excited and waking up…there were moments when I would make decisions and choices and interact… but for the most part I would just flow with the dream to see where it would take me

A couple Gods came to visit me and that was pretty cool

In the past when I would ask for help, from gods or demons I would work with, they told me not to worry about it yet …

Now it seems like they are helping and I’m thankful

The best way for me to project is to consciously know that’s what I’m working on… therefore it’s always on my mind…

I do a lot of those little check things where you say am I awake… throughout the day… look at my hands etc… so when I’m in the astral I can Know whether or not I’m there

I then set multiple alarms to disrupt my sleep and wake me up… so I can go back to sleep and travel

I can’t go straight to sleep and travel… I need to go to sleep initially… wake up… then nap again to travel

I tend to partial project to the different planes, that way it helps me to retain the knowledge and experiences I gain from it. That, and it allows me to not have to stop what I’m doing here.

Reread the posts. I corrected myself on the the term “master sorcerer”. Nor did I claim to be one. Even OP claimed that his EGO thought himself a higher level magician. Yes the learning never stops. Even our students are mirrors for teaching ourselves.

Here is where our agreement ends. It is true that a sorcerer doesn’t technically need to astral project in order to perform magick. Again reread the posts. I have BEEN the sorcerer that “didn’t need the astral”. However I can see now, how very, very WRONG I was. It has been my experience that any practitioner who can not do so, was only a great sorcerer in their mind. we require AP in order to have any meaningful spiritual experience or spirit contact. “Spiritual Ascent” without the spiritual world is merely masturbation for the ego. Although I’m not really a big fan of his, even E.A. agrees on that point. Refer to his 3 godly powers.