Astral Projection Journey

Hi Everybody. I’ve been working on @E.A Soul Travel course for over a couple years now. I came super close last night to finally taking the leap out of my flesh. I felt myself enter into a trance state in my meditation. I brought my energy up. I was listening to biennial beats. The tone was low for a while, then all of a sudden spiked up to a high key. When that happened I felt my spirit jump in my body. I was vibrating intensely for a few seconds, then it went away. I was close, but no cigar. Ive been using @E.A course, but also reading Robert Bruce’s book on Mastering Astral Projection. Ive only started reading Robert Bruce’s book about a week ago. I’m close, but have not gone over the edge yet. Who can I call on to help me jump out of my body? Are there any suggestions from anyone who’s had success with Soul Travel? I’d appreciate any advise on this topic. I have been doing a lot of reading from this forum on this subject, but can’t really find the answers to my questions. I am on three different meds. Im wondering if they are the cause of me almost succeeding. Ive only been on these meds for a month.

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Hey, I’m also taking a few different meds that tend to dampen things when it comes to magick, but this guide worked for me:

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Thank you, @Czar_Lish. I will try this out.

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Hekate and ubis helped me make the full exit when I was stuck in the “almost out phase” :slight_smile:
Qi gong was really helpful as well.
Drinking mugwort tea helps; safe flying ointments if you are willing and have access. I really like Belladonna’s Botanicals for ointments.

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I am definitely willing to try anything and not afraid to ask for help.

Last night I almost accomplished it. It was the closest I’ve been so far. I felt the vibrations. Then I felt my spirit body lurch upward. Unfortunately it hit a wall. That’s exactly how it felt. It seriously felt like it hit a literal wall, and didn’t exit. It felt like spiritual whiplash. I concentrated on my breathing after that and not freaking out, trying to keep the vibration, but it went away after a few seconds and didn’t come back the rest of the night.

Even though it was a failed exit, I’m not giving up. I really really want and need this. When I finally succeed at this, I’ll be able to continue my spiritual journey, taking in endless knowledge and experience.

@anon88521623, are you able to soul travel at will now, or do you still struggle with it?

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That happens; even when you’re all the way out sometimes. I have been able to pass through some solid things without a problem, but for whatever reason certain walls or ceilings were impenetrable.

I felt the same way. It was really frustrating at first, but if you keep it up you will get it.

Just so you know, this is not how it ended up being for me. It led to a lot of new incredible experiences, but not very many answers.

Once you do get out, it may take you a while to be able to move and to see. It may feel like you are moving through mud and your eyes are covered in a haze. It takes some getting used to. At least in my case.

I have had OOBE’s roughly once a month for the last year since I was able to get out. Sometimes more, sometimes less. When the moon is transiting a water sign it is far more likely to happen. But I cannot do it on command and sometimes I get stuck. Recently under a blanket.

It’s not a very linear thing; one part of you can be dreaming and another part of you can be travelling. You could be in the physical realm or the astral (mental) plane or the etheric (spirit) plane. I have never seen a silver cord, but a lot of other people do. I have also never seen a world tree. I think its overall a very personal experience.

I recommend banishing and shielding before you go to bed and try to journey. Building a friendship with a protector, like Archangel Michael, can help as well. You might not know where you are and not be able to see, etc; it helps to have a guide.

Good luck!


Great advice, @anon88521623. Thank you again. Did you call on Hekate and Ubis together, or just one each jump?

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Before, when I was stuck in the vibration stage and needed help leaving. Once you learn how to exit it becomes natural. If I were going to ask for help now, I would ask an ubi I have a close association with.

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@Mythopoeia, I’ve never worked with an Ubi before. I’m use to working with demons using sigils. How does one contact an Ubi?

It helps to have a preestablished relationship with Lilith, but it’s not necessary.

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Ok. I’ve tried developing a relationship with Lilith in the past. It didn’t work. I’ve heard not to contact her, that she will contact you if she wants to work with you. I tried contacting her anyway, but she didn’t answer.

I would take what people say about entities with a grain of salt. The same spirit can present itself to different individuals in very different ways and it all gets filtered through the lens of personal experience. People have very different opinions about Lilith, but I do not consider her to be anymore more of an unsafe or scary entity to work with than the rest. Projection and expectation play a large part imo. It could be worth trying to reach out to her again with a different mindset.

That being said, if there is no “spark” with Lilith, there are an infinite number of spirits you can ask for help directly or to send helpers.

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