Astral projecting with foreign objects in body

Lately I’ve read a book about Astral projection and it mentioned that it may be impossible to Astral project with a foreign object inside your body. For example a guy with a tongue ring was unable to project due to having a piercing. This would cause excruciating pain in all his jaw and he was forced to return to his body. This has worried me a lot as I have titanium plates and screws in my chin and silicone breast implants. Today I’ve had a talk with my shaman mentor. She told me about her personal experience as she has had titanium plates at some point in her life due to a broken leg. Well she told me that during all the time she’s had the titanium plates she was unable to practice magick, unable to ground and unable to get in contact with her guides. She’s had to get the titanium plates removed. Does anyone here have any experience with that? Do I really have to get my titanium plates removed to be able to Astral project? And how about my breast implants? Is silicone as bad as titanium? I will accept to have my titanium plates removed if I truly don’t have any other choice but my breast implants?? Oh please no I don’t want to go back flat chested like a little boy… This would truly kill me.

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I would keep trying to project before doing something like that, I’ve been trying a little over 2 years now and I still haven’t been able to get out of my body. So if you did remove any foreign objects you might be very disappointed if your still not able. Don’t take somebody else’s word for it if they tell you can’t try it yourself.


Frankly, all these things came from the same universe you did. Yes, there is some human intervention along the way, but humans themselves are still from here.

My advice is to choose not to let it stop you. Integrate it and own it, you’ll be just fine.

In my haste, I failed to mention an analogy that came to mind. If having non-human objects in your body stopped astral projection, then you should have no food or drink or air in your body either. If it messes with your astral body that much, then wouldn’t clothing do the same? Wouldn’t jewelry be inhibiting? When you trap yourself into thinking something will hold you back, then indeed it will hold you back. I say again, own it, do not let it own you.

Personally, my astral form doesn’t even look human, let alone like my physical form, so there’s that.


I have mercury fillings and one of the best shamanic healers I ever met had a pacemaker, and that’s some serious tech implanted right in the heart!

I doubt personally that it would make any difference, but if it DOES, contact Odin and ask him to consecrate these by the power of Gungnir, because the titanium in you is the archetype of the wounded healer, and tell him to throw the silicone in as a twofer - seriously, one’s healing your body, the other heals your sense of self-mastery and pride in your body!

I’m pretty sure I remember talking to a guy who was a healer in America, ex-vet with shrapnel in his body, but that was a long time ago, he comes to mind when I typed that though.

In “shamanic dismemberment” journeys where you get stripped of old energy and have new energy placed in you, spirits often place objects like crystals in your chest, or abdomen, or head, so it’s not that far out, they don’t use things that look organic or like they belong in a human body.

A lot of healers are making “natural” their limiting archetype, just like some people place massive limits through a belief in non-violence, or whatever, I did a post recently about how belief really can affect you:


Thank you for your replies, this is really encouraging. A shaman with a peacemaker? Just wow… But has he done anything particular to harmonize it with the rest of his body? I think I’m gonna keep the foreign objects for now after all… And see how things go. My shaman tends to be very extreme in her perspective of the occult. For example she refuses to use a candle if it has even a small dent. She always told me that if the candle is broken the magick is broken as well… Now she is also a woman who is very honest, kind hearted and reliable so if she tells me that titanium hindered her psychic power I totally believe her. She’s also mentioned something about black magick related to titanium. She’s also told me that every night I should unplug my TV otherwise bad spirits could travel through it and enter my home. I don’t know if it’s exaggerated or not but I do it still. Let see how things go I guess… I’m not gonna rush to have anything removed. Not unless I have tried everything.


It was actually a she, big trouble all her life with health and then along comes the pacemaker and makes her life amazing again, able to walk for more than a few minutes without feeling dizzy, I don’t remember exaat details because this was a while ago but she did some amazing healing on me, on my crown chakra where I’d stored some conflicts over what to do with my abilites and so on.

I don’t remember her saying she’d done anything special but she was, more than me, a big believer in conventional medicine’s role being combined with all forms of energy healing, she was amazing at channelling energy and so grateful for the new life this had given her. I think her belief in the absolute miracle of this procedure was so strong,it all harmonised itself.

So yeah, I think belief really matters and I can totally understand that your shamani is sincere and pure of heart in her beliefs.

Maybe you could call on the power of the Wounded Healer archetype, before sleeping at night, and ask that path to be revealed to you, alongside the other idea I proposed?

I just typed wounded healer shamanism into Google and got loads of results, maybe there’ll be something useful for you if you try that? :slight_smile:


IMHO, this all sounds like her own superstitions and beliefs. These are most likely things she was taught and told to accept as gospel. If it works for her, that’s fine, but it doesn’t mean it’s “truth”, and will work for you. Blaze your own path.


Ohhhhh honey. I REALLY DON’T meand to sound condescending, but this has to be said. If a plugged in TV is going to bring spirits into your house, then what is a radio going to do? What about your phone, landline or otherwise? Electromagnetic transmissions go through practically every part of the planet already, you CAN’T get away from them, not even in space, not even underground. Even the planet itself generates electromagnetic frequencies. If the argument is against man-made technologies, then candles should also be off limits, as I have never seen one in the wild. All metals are also in this category, since technology is the only way to turn ore into jewelry. Textiles are also in this category.

If you feel like there is a spirit trying to come into your life through shady means, then don’t allow it. If you are uncertain you want a spirit in your life, then greet it and make it aware you are the Master of your own space, and that you will not tolerate shenanigans. If you feel like a spirit won’t allow you to perform magick because you have titanium or silicone in your body, then throw that spirit the finger and do it anyway-- you are the Master of your domain. Choose to respect your own body as it is and those around you, and you will find beings willing to help you.

Again, I did NOT mean this to sound condescending. Spirits and people that try to hinder others in their discovery and work bother me. I know your shaman means well, she’s pushing you toward the perfection she understands. But you say you have titanium plates and screws in your chin-- put there by a doctor, who was probably reconstructing after an accident if I had to guess. There really isn’t any other way to do what the titanium has done for you, and its extraordinarily expensive to get it all removed, expensive in terms of money and physical toll. Treat your titanium like a battle scar, not like a cage. Treat your silicone the same way, you chose to make your temple look the way you want, because you didn’t like it the way it was. You do the same with your home, and the physical body is just a shell for you to live in as well. Of all people, a shaman should know that the physical body is only a shell to house a soul.

I say all this in all the love I can muster, and I recognize that I do not know your shaman mentor personally. She has her own wisdom, and has proven that it works for her, but it is your job to use whatever wisdom works for you. Learn and grow and be respectful, but do not lose your own sense of how magick works for you.


[quote=“Anastasiya, post:8, topic:11761, full:true”]
But you say you have titanium plates and screws in your chin-- put there by a doctor, who was probably reconstructing after an accident if I had to guess. There really isn’t any other way to do what the titanium has done for you, and its extraordinarily expensive to get it all removed, expensive in terms of money and physical toll. Treat your titanium like a battle scar, not like a cage. [/quote]

I have a titanium rod from knee to ankle in my right tibia, and a titanium plate on my right radius, the result of a very bad accident. While I haven’t progressed to where I’d like to be magickaly, I have made progress none the less. Anastasiya, I view my scars and hardware as telling the story of my life. Scars show you’re not afraid to live, lol. FWIW, there needs to be a very valid, medical reason for having hardware removed from your body once it’s in there.


This is simply HER belief, based on her interpretation of an experience.

I can tell you from first hand experience that we can connect with spirits through TVs, computers, and other electronic devices. But they do not come in through those devices themselves.

They come in through ME because I reached out and touched their energy with my own spiritual energies, creating a link between us, that comes through me as the gateway.

And of course, that is simply MY belief, based on my interpretation of my own experiences. :smiling_imp:

You get to choose which one helps you the most.


@Anastasiya I think she wants me to unplug the TV because she thinks bad spirits can travel through the screen. On this forum I have heard other people who have faced issues with screens, it had happened to @Lady_Eva but I know this was completely different because the screen was turned on so I think the spirits traveled through the images. Now if the screen is turned off that’s a whole different story and indeed I don’t really understand why she makes me unplug the TV if there are no image for any spirit to use… I share your point of view that I can not ALWAYS do everything she tells me to do but she’s helped me so much, she’s healed me from health issues that no traditional medicine could ever heal, so I always trust her. I definitely prefer your point of view because you know what, I’m a big fan of horror movies and horrorcore rap and she told me this can draw dangerous spirits to me and even open a demonic vortex in my underworld, something like that… So I’ve stopped watching horror movies and I try not to listen to horrorcore rap anymore :expressionless:
Either way I see that you all think that I must keep my foreign objects and that is probably what I’m gonna do!

Happy to join the conversation.

Been looking for this answer myselve for a while now! (In particular Silicon.)

No hard facts arround i found so far.

Sure believes can move mountains, so i guess the stronger the mind, the more is possible!

Myselve i perceive, that it is possibly weakening the power of the astral body quite a bit.

(In the sence of what tries to hold the planet from evolving, dont you think - it’s sort of the unatural?)

…when i did an energy reading it clearly showed a decreased flow in my breasts.

…i am currently following many astral travelers bloggs and it seems to be way easier in a ‘‘clean’’ body. …children tend to it natural before beeing “invated”. …also it seems to be harder near magnetic fields or in busy places and said impossible in a shared bed.

A pure body should be easier to be controlled makes sense? Am not sure how deep my journey requires me to “digg in the realms” but smtgh. keeps telling me to remove the silicon because it hinders me, - even i try not to listen.

I’d love to hear from somebody who does have implants and astral travels easy… but i can’t find such person up until.(!)

I hardly even recognize the person i was when i chose to have implants.

The spiritual journey is somehow about stripping off, beeing authenthic and real and i dont see much god like-minded thought when i look back why i chose this operation in the first place.

I slso thought of how this may decrease the magnetic field of my hearth and the way my heart vibrates/ripples energy and is received.

(I wished the fear could leave me, that those implants belong to a long sought after plan to trap many in their body.)

If anybody reads this and is sure astral projection works either way i’d highly appreciate it, cause i am about to remove them.

I do think a strong mind can conquer anything and dont mean to step on anybodies toes with this perception and i’d b more than happy to hear from a person who managed to project with implants.

…there is a force poising our bodies with fluoride on purpose… maybe it’s the same force who imprinted me to be missguided in thinking i need those breasts for some reasons - and there is sure no true comfort in wearing implants… i feel rather sad for doing this to myselve back than.

So yes… thats my thoughts on it.
Hopefully they did not disturb any peace.

Thsnk you for listening and in case anybody can clear this further i highly appreaciate it.


Ps: english is not my mothertongue, excuse in case low grammar.

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