Astral or physical signature upon evocation

Is it a rule of thumb to ask them for this to ensure it’s exactly who you intended to evoke? Asking for their signature or sigil for them to let you know it’s them? I’ve read somewhere (cant remember where) that it’s apparently a “universal law” that they cannot lie and must provide confirmation when asked or otherwise it’s indeed an invader or parasitic and therefore ritual must end and the space banished afterwards.

Can anyone briefly confirm or clarify this? Opinions?

Yes, signatures are used in ceremonial magick to weed out impostors, because by some weird quirk of this reality, only the true spirit can identify themselves with such.

For example, an impostor cannot directly say it is Lucifer, so, more often than not, they will say something like “I am the Lightbearer,” or “You know who I am.”

That is why it is recommended to ask the spirit directly to identify itself. A lot of newbie magicians make the mistake of asking, “Lucifer, is that you?” and all an impostor has to do is say yes, and the magician is then caught in the trap.

Instead, the magician should be direct and say, “Spirit, identify yourself.”

I’m not too sure where the idea originally comes from, but it is a common one and is found in a good many books on ceremonial magick, including Summoning Spirits by Konstantinos, and so far my experience has shown it to hold true.


I see. So a signature must be confirmed by them saying their name or by them showing their sigil when the summoner asks or commands.

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Depends, well known sigils have imposters attached to them too, which they can use and claim as their own openly even if it’s not true. However, the universal law thing seems like nonsense, the universe can’t stop you from lying human or otherwise. Now if it’s a thoughtform geared towards truth than maybe that’s a slight probability.

However, scanning helps in a few way to quell imposters because energy can be masked or even altered a bit but the basis of it stays the same. Lucifer’s energy for example an imposter can claim Lucifer, show you lucifer’s sigil and claim it’s theirs, but in the end their energy can’t mimic lucifer’s indepth.

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Maybe your will is preventing it from doing that

Generally, yes, a spirit is asked to draw its seal or signature in the air to confirm its identity,


I understand this is an example but it sure makes it difficult especially for beginners not knowing how Lucifer’s energy feels like. Let’s just hope they don’t come across an instance such as this.

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Possibly, but a beginner should learn to use their energy and scan in my opinion before they try and mess with external entities. Scanning is one of those skills that is a must when dealing with external forces.

Edit: then again mimics such as thoughtforms can’t leave the astral, they can use your mentalspace to manifest through your senses to appear physical but they are in a way confined to the astral/mental plane. Mental barriers keep them out, so that’s in my opinion one way to weed out imposter thoughtforms, as for living entities, there’s similar methods.

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I just realised I should qualify that. My experience might be a bit different than others. The shield put up around me by my Higher Self has a geas upon it that prevents any spirit summoned within it from acting against me.

That means I don’t get impostors. Ever.


Similar case for me, I have a barrier of sigils that bar out imposter spirits either by feeding on them or kind of an auto banish. Minus the higher self lol.


on your body?

No, not on my body

I meant your energy body

Are they where you live

No, they’re not on my body, however they are energetic barriers.


I’ll definitely need to learn this someday soon. Sounds kinda like warding yourself keep imposters locked out.

Impostors are not as big a thing as some people make them out to be. They are not very common, and using a banishing ritual and casting a circle make them a moot point. Asking for signatures is just a secondary fail safe in ceremonial magick.


Oh alright. By casting circle, you mean a circle such as the UC if I’m correct.

No, I mean an actual circle casting, like that formed using the LBRP.

Edit to add: The UC will not prevent impostors unless you have an official one with the mediator spirit attached. Part of Malzaz Hyroth’s job is to make sure the spirit summoned is on the up and up.

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Your edit makes more sense now. It’s much better to LBRP, ward the area and space, and having the UC. All three would pretty much take care of everything and keeps things under control.