Astral or physical signature upon evocation

Yes. Banishing, and casting a circle around the UC would prevent any shenanigans because you would not only have Malzaz Hyroth to keep out impostors, but the archangels of the LBRP as well.

I added the “official” part because I know some people have created their own DIY Universal Circle, but my understanding is that only circles bought through BALG are consecrated and have the spirit bound to them.

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Sounds like I got it right.

Off topic for a sec: I received EE and WoD. Both say “Second Edition: 2018” right under “First Edition: 2007” and the other being “2009”. Maybe EA modernized his previous writings and methods? Idk🙂

But regardless, my question as a beginner - which of those two would you recommended me reading first? They are lengthy so I thought I’d ask you about this.


It depends on your goal, really.

If you are looking to jump straight into evocation, then Evoking Eternity is where you should start.

If you want to learn the basics of black magick, from meditation on up to necromancy and vampirism, then I’d start with Works of Darkness.

Evoking Eternity can be used to evoke any spirit. Works of Darkness is demons only.

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Great🙂 I’ll think about it soon.

I recommend you read both first, and then choose the one you want to work through. That way you will get an idea of what each of them requires. Take your time, and don’t move into practice right away. The books aren’t going anywhere lol

If you want to read something a bit unique, here is a thread describing @Lady_Eva’s evocation of the spirit of the book:


Right, absolutely reading both and taking precautionary measures before diving in. You recommended both books suitable for beginners and I appreciate the answers to most of my questions before they even arrived👍 (I was beginning to think I was being annoying) now I have at least some idea of things to expect.

I’ve never came across this thread by @Lady_Eva I’ll check that out now actually.

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I finished reading her thread. So there’s actually a spirit bound to EE. Is this a bad thing @Lady_Eva @DarkestKnight? Can I simply just read and learn from the book without having an issue? I literally had no idea of this and I don’t intend to evoke it.


No, there is no spirit bound to the book. You misunderstood.

The book itself has a spirit, just like every object does, the word “spirit” in this case denoting the distinct inner essence of a thing, not an entity such as a demon or angel.

It is the belief known as animism. You can literally evoke the essence of anything.


Oh, it seemed like the book was having a conversation with her. Lol I see

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it was. Like I said, everything has a spirit that you can evoke, an inner essence that you can communicate with.

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