Astral in trouble

My astral in under siege. I can feel the sexual energy and a woman being sexually assaulted, but in my mind. My heart familiar is gone. They are either entities or humans. I see sexual visions of her and some men raping her and can hear theyre disgusting moans and sexual pleasure. I am awakened every night to the sexual energy of hers anf it does not feel ok. I need help ive tried evoking but its like im stuck in a quicksand like darkness where nothing gets out. She is in pain. I am in pain. Please help me get her back. I think theyre in my mind doing this. And the fucked up part is that i can feel my childhood energy while this is happening. And the sexual energy makes me sick to my stomach how my messages wont go through. I think she is my familiar. I thought it was just a spirit trying to turn me on at first but thats not what it is.

Her name is allannie or anurulia

Theyre talking about murder in my mind as well but i cant see a thing, only the sexual act. I feel ashamed because nothing will go through. I created a post earlier about my mental state being nothing. I need help please.

This has been going on too long and it’s getting worse. Looking back over the other threads, I don’t see that you’ve done any cleansing or banishing.

I think you would do well to perform the strongest cleansing you can, take a ritual salt bath and do lbrp and smudge and/or sprinkle consecrated salted water around your entire living space inside and out. Do that three days in a row.

Then take a break from magik for a while, get out in nature and let the trees heal you.

You had this same ‘call for help’ trick happen with the idea of a succubus you asked for, then received that you helped her. Now the same thing with your ‘familiar’? It’s looking suspiciously like a pattern, and I think this is a lesser entity or parasite feeding off you.

There are no entities (that sometimes present as women - since entities are without gender) in trouble, it’s all designed to put you in a state where your energy becomes particularly yummy.

So, get rid of it and come back to yourself.



Definitely do a cleaning fam, I personally use black candles for different reasons sometimes to burn the negative energy then a white to bring the positive, just my personal workings but please do something that will help you I hate to see anybody go through stuff like this…

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Honestly, what is astral to you ?

Are you sure you are not mixing astral with virtual reality ?

are you familiar with shapeshifting in the astral?

Archons. I am a dumbass.