Astral experience changed

I’m going to first start off with I indeed did a search on this question first. The only article I could find even remotely related with the key words “palace to lord satan” was a thread full of resources to work with Satan. Yes it has the video but it doesn’t answer my question which is why i am now asking here.

Anyway. Now I spoke to satan a good few times with scrying and such but using the guided meditation from satan and sons. “Palace of lord satan” where it has you walk through this realm to face to face meet him. I did that once and it was a long talk. Now my question is how come now whenever I do it myself or use that meditation it literally tries to jump forward to his throne room and he greets me like within a few minutes after I arrive in soul travel.

Would you say that’s my subconscious knowing what to do somehow or would you say that’s him. Because when I first started with that meditation it took a bit of time like traveling through the realm and such. Now I go, see my surroundings in that dimension and all of the sudden when I start walking if my intentions are to speak with him. POOF he’s right there sitting in front of me.

Thanks guys

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That’s normal is astral travel. You teleport to where you intend to go with no walking in between. You don’t have legs, and there’s no real ground to cover.