Astral Dynamics energy work primer study group

This group will be a basic study group moving forward a week at a time. We will work through the primer online then move on to his book Astral Dynamics.

When doing the exercises, those who choose to actively participate should post their experiences with the exercises at the beginning and end of each week. While you should practice them daily, and are definitely encouraged to share more often, this will help gauge our progress.

The link is here:


This week we are on the video S1. While the syllabus doesn’t show exercises till the next lesson I thought it would be good to start with the simple exercise he mentions in the beginning for the first week.

I am a novice myself and while I definitely could sense the movement in the corner of my eyes; I couldn’t see more than a brief glimpse of a piece of movement. You know that feeling in mundane life where you THOUGHT you saw something but wasn’t sure.

The sensation of the movement was much stronger, I suppose because it has a physical sensation to attach itself to. The sensation is similar to when someone is behind you and you just can feel it. Like that but with movement.

This is a simple enough exercise it can be practiced several times daily.

I look forward to hearing what others have to share.

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Update: while I am not seeing any better I am getting better at focusing on the sensations of one body part at a time. I would have never guessed this would be a difficult thing to do till I tried it.

I have believe I have figured out the issue with actually seeing my hand. While this should have been obvious for me because Robert Bruce speaks about it. When all my awareness and focus is on my hand I can see it faintly in my head. The moment my focus goes to the vision I lose it.

Another reason this should have been obvious to me is it happens anytime I want to visualize. I am not sure why I didn’t click to this before.

For anyone who may be interested in joining my little group you can join at any time. The link above takes you straight to the primer. Just watch the video and start practicing the first exercise. Comment back here your experience.

Today starts the section S2. For this week we are going through a video at a time, starting at c1, instead of the entire section. The reason for this is the amount of exercises. I want to give time to really work on each one. I may even extend this week’s lesson another week to really get what we can from each exercise.

Till next time. I just watched the video so I am about to start.

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Will defenetly join this,i am very interested on this kind of study.


If you are in a relationship or have a partner willing to help you practice, alot of the exercises can be an erotic foreplay. So practice often!!!

Thanks. I did a first round of watching it and taking notes, also practiced some of the exercises.

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The first section is just a welcome. It doesn’t have much. It picks up in the second section though. It also has helped me understand a few things that I am having trouble putting into words. When I figure it out I will share.

The exercises use a residual sensation to help you feel and move the energy through the body. There are many ways you get these residual buzzes in your day to day life. Use of a hammer, the vibrations of loud music, and use of a video game controller among many other things. If you have the chance you can use those moments to hone in on those areas and practice for a moment or two.

You wouldn’t want to wait for those moments nor would you want to use it to replace regular practice. Just something to think about.

Welcome. This lesson alone has been so much easier to understand and get somewhere than any other thing has. Bought his book Astral Dynamics as well.

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I’m definitely interested in joining this! This seems very interesting. I’d love to see what there is to learn with this.

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This past week has been chaos for me and I have not practiced as much as I would like. I will be extending this section by another week. If you feel great about your practice you can move on to the second section and share your experiences from there.

I’m going to definitely watch the vids. I’ve read the beginning of the book. I’ve had it for about a year and suggest it to people who need help. Astral travel is something I struggle with but this book really helped me improve.

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It is a bit frustrating at times. I can feel the energy but I have trouble shifting the sensation. I know I will get better with practice. I just thought I would share where I am at.

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I just watched the 3rd video. I am finding that some of the exercises come more easily than others. I am struggling with the brushing sensation, though the ball, the cutting, the swirl, and the pulling/breaking technique is a bit easier.

I have also started to take my energy sensing practice beyond these videos. I haven’t added anything big. It is just when I am listening to music I have learned to notice the shift in energy from song to song. Also before work I will sit in the car and just feel what the energy around me is like. I will get inside early to get a sense of the energy before I clock in. The shift is immediate as I walk in the door though.

Hi Strylyn,
Apologies for bumping this thread so late in the day. Are you still practicing these exercises, or have you moved on? I bought Robert Bruce’s ‘Mastering Kundalini’ course and a few videos in, he tells viewers to do the energy work primer exercises and then come back to the M. K. course.

So that’s how I found this thread. Let me know if you’re still doing this one, or if not, how it went for you.

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I’m wondering if they actually got any real , decent results

I’m good at body awareness in that I can imagine sensations. I have a hard time actually seeing, for example, my hand and physically feeling energy, but I can imagine fairly well. It’s easier for me to do that than visual stuff.

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I just started the first exercise in the primer last night. I got the results/experiences Robert Bruce said he got. I saw the hands and arms clearly, then saw the room around me, in accurate detail, not imagined.

I say not imagined, because although I can visualise fairly well, it takes me time to build up any complex image and I still find it hard to control the image and keep it steady.

But what I saw last night was immediate, accurate and effortless. Not fabricated at all. Early days, but I’m happy so far.

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Cool. You must be predisposed to it.