Astarte is Astaroth?


astarte is a face of astaroth, its her feminine aspect
astaroth is the half-masculine aspect of the same entity


Astarte is a facet of Astaroth as well as Isis. Some even claim Gaia.

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Yes, I see it as Astarte being an Aspect of Astaroth, but as a feminine face of Astaroth, I’d have to disagree.
From my experience with Astaroth, there is both a Feminine and Masculine principle to Astaroth as opposed to the idea of the Feminine simply being Astarte and the Masculine being Astaroth.


Astarte predates Astaroth from my understanding

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I never said she was only masculine. This was my talk with her about it.


Astarte is likely when she was still of yahweh and yahweh wanted to marry her. Ive also heard of some associations with the virgin mary.
Asteroth is astarte with both the feminine energy and masculine energy united.

Combining the two energies is essential to acquiring godhead so perhaps when she split from source to deify herself she took in masculine energy to become asteroth.

Astarte was of yahweh? How do you mean.

see all aspects of one being like astaroth,and astarte

the heart,the essence of the being behind of astarte,astaroth

one heart, and different faces,faces like astarte,astaroth,isis aphrodite ishtar and more.

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