Astaroth gave me an image

Hello friends! I would like to talk to you about an experience I had when I was younger. Back then I made a pact with Astaroth. I could feel her/him presence, but I have never seen her/him. However, I received an image of Astaroth, a very detailed one. She/He showed me a picture of a very tall entity, about 3 meters tall, with long straight black hair, olive skin and black eyes. This entity was dressed in a war suit, something similar to what romans wore and also had a very long sharp sword. On the entity forehead there was something that looked like obsidian small stones, those things were actually black eyes. This entity was not a man or a woman, but something in between. The features of the faces were sharp. I also saw a battlefield full of death bodies. Since then, I had a strong impulse to paint that picture, but I do not have the skills to do it know. I felt that the entity I had seen was actually Astaroth, I really felt that. I would like to ask you if you ever had a similar experience with a spirit. I am also not sure if such an image of Astaroth was described before, if you know what this could mean, please tell me.


I’m sure the Romans also worked with the goetic demons, I had a past life in Greek/Rome, and there was a lot of magick, way more advanced than anything today, probably because there was less distractions and technology back then, I’m not sure about Astaroth, but Astarte is a love and war goddess, so the whole armor thing would make sense, I’m sure some warriors would imbue their energy with an entity as well, however it can also be like a symbolic representation or like astral sight into astaroths energy too, or it may actually be you in the dream also


Astaroth usually appears to me in the form of a tall man with black hair, pale skin, black, bottomless eyes and in black clothes. His facial features are thin, androgynous. I also saw him in the form of a warrior (more like a medieval knight).

About his images related to the military theme. I have some suggestions that he could be associated with the ancient deity Astar (namely the male deity), who was the god of war, royal power and the keeper of tombs. It is also possible that he was some kind of spirit or deity in Zoroastrianism. But so far these are only my assumptions and I am still studying them.


Hi. i am new here and I am intrested in learning More about Astaroth. I will follow this thread closely.

Hello! I can share my experience of studying Astaroth. First, I tried to study all the direct or indirect sources available to me related to it. Secondly, I communicated directly with him (this can be done through meditation, evocation, invocation, dreams, fortune telling, etc.) and asked questions of interest to me.

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Thanks for your response. I find that I am not good at meditation, my mind wanders a lot. Is it posible to maybe use his sigil while trying to comunicate? Also how would I talk to him meaning are there any words he likes for example: do I have to be formal adress him as Duke ?
Also are there any books or other sources that you recomend for everything ive read so far is biased against the spirits.
Sorry for all the questions!

Thanks !

Yes, you can use this information: Simple English Demonic Evocation Guide

The main thing is politeness. If you have not yet communicated with him before, you can use his official title at the first contact, which is indicated in the grimoire.

You can read the experiences of practitioners on this forum, or there are a number of books dedicated to Astaroth or where he is mentioned (for example, Asenat Mason). But also take notes about your personal experience, as the spirits in the process of communicating can reveal or show some of their aspects - i.e. everyone can have a unique experience of communicating with an entity.

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Thank you very much for the tips and for the link. I will book mark it, and will try the ritual. Do you think Astaroth will mind if I ask for knowledge and his version of the creation story and fall? I am not really trying to gain materialistic stuff ie money sex etc…I want knowledge and to hear what the other side has to say, and maybe just maybe find a a patron to have councel on diferent issues, and of course if he can offer protection….I have a 5 year old child and I am not sure if doing this will effect him or the wife.
Thank you so much!

I think he can share his opinion on this matter.

From my own experience, I will say that I asked him for protection in terms of health (which may not be quite typical for this spirit) and help with some job issues. But he helped out of a number of difficult situations in this regard.


Thanks for your comments and tips! Is there anything in particular he likes as an offering? I was thinking maybe chocolates wine and maybe a cigarette and incense!

You make a great point, I didnt think of that. I am new to this and seems everything I read talks about offerings. I will keep your opinión in mind and probably take the advice. Thanks!