Assuming Azazel's power

Now just to clarify something me and azazel have been working together for about nine to ten years, I have always been very close to him.

He follows me where ever I go, he comes to me without me calling him, he has helped me in both my ascent and my mundane life.

I did a exercise from the mastering divination course, to see what the next step was into workings with Azazel, then I had a revelation a vision.

I saw that I assumed all of azazel’s power, I became him, so as always I headed to my temple.

I stood inside my circle with the inverted pentagram inside of it, I placed the triangle of manifestation in the north.

I proceeded to call on Azazel, I uttered his enn while falling deep into the theta gamma sync, I fell through the rings of reality over and over.

I structured Azazel in the triangle, while performing his summoning incantation.

He took on the form of a black bird, then morphed into a half troll half Satyr head, his eyes were raging with infernal flames.

I told him about the vision, he told me
" then it is time ".

His form changed into a body made of fire, his aura was even fire, he was completely flame.

He told me that he would possess me for the number of 9 days, I am currently unwell so he told me he’d heal me of my sickness.

He then said to me " now step into the triangle and stand not only with me, but within me, and I within you ".

I stood there feeling his flames coiling around me and within my being, I gave him rite to possess me.

After he was fully within me he told me …

" haha it ain’t that easy, gaining my whole power and becoming me, Azazel isn’t going to be done through a action, but it is more of a process ".

I am currently on the path of working with intense powerful beings and assuming their form and power, becoming all the demons, spirits, gods etc.

I’ll update you all on this as it develops.


Sounds like a godform.

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Does his complete power come with his full awareness and wisdom? Will you consciously become aware of all of creation? Have you notice any major shifts in awareness since the beginning of this process?


Are you working on reverse possession? Or just invoking them so often you gain their power? What would you call it?