Assistance needed compiling a list of spirits: and help required testing a shield/cloak

I’m asking two seperate questions in this thread to keep things more organized for myself. scroll down some to see the second one.

I’m planning a ritual and I need to evoke 13 spirits because 13 is the perfect number for what I need. These spirits must be proficient in 3 things to qualify for my list: destruction, subterfuge, and camouflage. It’s not exactly a baneful working but it does have overlap. They must be ruthless, and a connection with the dead is an added bonus.

I already have 5 spirits for the list. One will go unnamed at this time, and the others are Lucifer, Amaymon, Paimon, and Abbadon. Amaymon and Paimon came to me through intuition, as I have only the slightest experience with them (to the degree id almost say I’ve never worked with them). Abbadon is good because I’ve witnessed and worked with his destruction before. I don’t see him as being the most stealthy spirit but he will be called last when the time comes to break forth from my shadows.

What other spirits do you suggest that fit the requirements?

Secondly, I’ve been working on a new shield/cloaking spell that is crucial for the ritual. I need someone skilled in scrying or energy reading to please take a look at me and tell me how well it works. If you are interested in this pm me and we can discuss more. If it is successful I will be posting it here for others.

Erebus, Nyx, Pan, Azazel, Loki, Cernunnos, Hermes, Hades, Danu, The Morrigan,

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Azazel and Loki really stick out to me in that list. I’ve worked with both of them also. Belial came to mind too.

Andras, Bael, Sargantas, Zepar, Kali, Thanatos, Ratatoskr, Yan Wang, Nezha, Wukong, Babi, and Set. Also have to vouch for the Morrigan and Hermes. Odin is also a well known trickster, even better than his son Loki.


Loki is Odin’s brother not son lol.

I came across Thantifaxath here and I’m considering of adding him. No experience with them though will have to do some digging first. I probably wont be including Odin and Loki, but will use one or the other.

Also, is Kali known for her stealth/subterfuge? I know she is an intensely passionate destroyer but I am worried she will bring too much attention.

Loki and Odin work well together, Kali if she wanted to she could, remember she’s not limited to being loud and destructive, she can be just as stealth-like.


I’ll have to meditate on Kali some more. Last time I tried to work with her she nearly burned my apartment down, and last time a spirit came through me it was telling someone that things have been stressful for me because of her. I don’t know how I feel about that yet.

Curiously Loki and Odin tell me to combine them and evoke them as one spirit. Lokidin? I’ve never purposefully done that, only have others come to me in such a manner.

So right now my maybe list is:

The Morrigan,
and Thantifaxath.

My yes list is:

Yeah Loki and Odin often work together, they travel together and often times Loki is considered Vé and Hoenir to be Vili. However, that’s up to the individual to consider them one and the same or separate.
As for Kali I can understand why you’re cautious of her lol I would too if that happened.

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It’s been awhile since I touched the Norse pantheon, thanks for the correction it was my mistake. I suppose the only thing I could really remember about the origins of Loki popping out of nowhere, and being adopted in by Odin as a child. The blood oath had completely slipped my mind for a moment.