Assinine Christian god

The literal interpretation of the Bible is the least profitable. It has to be read with some insight into the symbolism and allegories used. There are many who do explain the Bible in a completely different light. One such individual, among the best of the lot on the topic, is Neville Goddard. Most of his work is in the public domain and you can find it on

I think the fall was necessary because suffering is what leads us to the higher knowledge of God. Also the more we suffer and persevere in this life the more glory and exaltation were made worthy to receive in the next life. If we don’t suffer at all then there wouldn’t be the same kind of glory to be gained. There’s always a bigger purpose to all this, even if it doesn’t seem apparent. And I’m of the fringe cult that even the worst of demons will be restored after some sort of shit they’ll have to go thru to get there after the final revelation (i.e. hell). It might even be like a type of baptism of fire/ice, or saints praying people thru hell, who knows. I don’t think its all doom and gloom though. His judgments always fair; we just have to strive for a decent heart and practice the golden rule and whatnot.

Hidden Flame of the Ghost Divine

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Biblical literalism, and other such follies, as well as as some obedience to the church and other garbage, and I understand why people throw the bible out with the bath water. I highly recommend if the bible makes you upset, to step back from it and focus on other, esoteric things. Come back to it later if you want, when you don’t care about it anymore, and then you will receive insights.