Assinine Christian god

I want to share with you the thoughts I’ve been having regarding YHWH. First, what parent would put m and m’s in their child’s room, filled with striknine knowing full well their child would eat it and die?! That is what he did in the garden of eden.(tree of the knowledge of good and evil) As a result; wars, sickness, famine, plagues, murder, Incest etc… Yet, “he loves you”. I call BULLSHIT! Are you fucking kidding me?!? What parent would do this to their kid?!? Just my beef! What an asshole!

Then, there’s the fallen angels. Why?!? Why create a being you predestined to destroy for the purpose of your own glory?


Well to be fair most of what’s wrong with this world is our fault. Secondly, just because a book says he’s your daddy doesn’t make him your father. Everything has a positive and a negative, there’s no helping it.

If you really want to boil it down in that book he did say ‘dont eat it’ what’d they do? Ate it. They weren’t exactly children at the time either.

I don’t know about that one.

I’m curious as to why you seem to believe in that story though.


Here’s the shitkicker. They were just like babies. There was no awareness of good or evil. They had the conciousness of a puppy.

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shrugs I dunno dude. If he’s so pathetic why are you focusing on him?

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And if scripture shapes your worldview, then you have to accept predestination, The foreknowledge of god.

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Because he pisses me off! And I feel like it!

It doesn’t shape my worldview but sure.

Ok then go for it.


I will and thank you lol

I mean I may not agree with wasting my energy focusing on him but it’s your choice my dude.


It’s just that ; Here he is, worshipped by the world as the 1 god. Yet, he lost a third of the angels, put all humanity under his horrors knowing in advance it would happen, and although claims of omnipotence did nothing to stop it. I would say if I watched my kid get hit by a car and do nothing about it that would be impotence, not omnipotence. Limp dicked pussy

“The Battle is an old one, no doubt with many mysteries. It concerns Freedom, Independence and Sovereignty as against despicable, arrogant tyranny. Ours are often thankless struggles against servility and the psychological impotence of those who prescribe suppression and restriction in the face of life, love and liberty! Of those who adhere to authority as truth. If we look outside of times and places and motives we have some distorted myths which posit issues on a supernatural and superhuman scale. There is evidence that history is not as we have been taught.”

Rex Mundi



Well your feelings and thoughts aint unique, i think that every atheist on the planet or from any other religion the the abrahameic that have hear these stories from the bible have the same questions and arguments, i know i once did(:slight_smile:.
These days i cant say i have that i basicly dont care for the book ar anyone in it and mostly not for ppl who are unde the influence of any of its edition, being it god 1.1, 1.2 or 1,3.
No use wasting my energy on it.
Kind like the book ”Small gods” by Terry Pratchett, the gods needs our attention and worshipping to not stop existing, better not take the chance to make the abrahameic god strongef(;

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If I recall he was originally a Canaanite War God further down in his pantheon, I suppose the desire for power is also a thing.


War and Storms.
Explains the whole old testament and the temperament of his followers.

I see a lot of these threads here, only thing they fulfill is acting as an outlet for childish rants and try to score points in the community.

So OP, which one are you?

Either way, being a discussion board, I am going to oppose you by saying…don’t believe everything you read in the Bible…especially when you lack the wit to understand it.

The Bible is just a tiny collection of texts that can be compared with God drunk-texting mankind, plus never-ending George Lucas styled editing.

Some esoteric knowledge of great value can be extracted, but then you gotta dig a lot, and understand the context.

Something I know most people are too dumb and lazy to do.

EDIT: Holy shit, did not know this thread was a necro.

Ugh, bet OP is not even around anymore. X_X



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OP wanna be EA Koetting so bad.


I’ll be honest, I believe the Christian good exists as a thought form, not actually god but not without power either…that being said you can see “god” disobey every single one of his own commandments, often gets his way through bullying and coercion and is “omniscient” and yet needed to revise his “word” between the old and new testament because somewhere along the way “he/she” fucked up. so fuck it…holier than thou? I’ve never destroyed entire cities because “I don’t like the pepes touching the pepes and the hoohoos touching the hoohoos, so BURN” fuck that thing.

Sadly there’s many thoughtforms of actual gods, the Christian god was originally a Canaanite god his place was just changed with Faiths. He went from a god of storms and war to the Judeo god we know today. He was once part of a large pantheon.

God of storms and war sounds super accurate lol, it would explain yhwh constantly pitting his “chosen people” against literally every other culture in the region