Assigning Multiple Demons For The Same Task?

Is it ok to assign multiple demons to the same task or will they interfere with each other? Long story short, I have been seeing a really wealthy guy who I want to see exclusively and eventually marry. We are attracted to each other and have so much fun together and he always says he likes me, it’s just he needs a strong push to process this. He has some emotional/drug issues and is very strong willed, which I think is slowing this down. We have not committed to each other yet even though we’ve been seeing each other for almost a year. I was working with angels but the results were too soft. Right now I already have multiple demons on him.

Specifically, I really want to push him to ask me to be his girlfriend. When we hungout last week he brought up us dating exclusively without me ever asking. He said I’m everything he wants in a girlfriend, and asked if I could see him being my boyfriend. I said yeah I could. Then he went on about how he is scared he would hurt me, and that he’s scared to get in a relationship again.

Since I feel like I’m on the brink of this, I want to do another ritual to ask a demon to make him ask me to be his exclusive girlfriend. Since I assigned that task already to a specific demon, would there be complications? Maybe I should just phrase it differently. Thanks.

I would rather “assign” one demon/spirit for a single task, rather than assigning several demons/spirits. Why? Because each and every single one of them works differently.

Let’s say you assign Belial, King Paimon and Lilith to do a love binding spell on the guy you’re interested in. This isn’t Belial’s cup of tea, but he seems to be a guy that loves challenges, right? So he takes the challenge and do his thing. But then Lilith interfere Belial, because she knows a thing or two about love, lust and emotional influence. “You’re doing it wrong, ‘Bel’!”, she says. “Leave it to me!”. Then, King Paimon pops up, telling Lilith to enjoy a cup of her favorite red wine, relax and letting him take over the assign to influence your guy. It becomes a clusterfuck of strong willed spirits, fighting for your assignment and to succeed before you. The end result: At best, a severe headache on your love interest.



So basically I want this guy to ask me to be his girlfriend. I’ve told one demon “Make target feel a strong love for me that causes him to ask me to be his exclusive girlfriend and lover”.

I also told another demon “Make *target feel a strong love for me that causes him to ask me to be in an exclusive romantic and sexual relationship with only him”.

I’m considering calling on another, I’m not quite sure how I would phrase it though.

I thought demons work well together ? Maybe I just need a demon to help assist on the task, but not have the exact same task.

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Personally I’d go for it, I’d just ask them to work on certain aspects of the whole. Another user called Fire has some “multi-layered” spells involving five or six demons. Just search the forum for “multi-layered love spell” and see how he constructed his. Seemed to be pretty successful.

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Right now I have 6 demons on him. I was considering adding one more.

They do but layering a spell is different than this.
For example let’s say they are interested in you but maybe don’t like where you live or your job and have a bf/gf.

You’d call one Daemon to sway their heart towards you, one to change your finances (if you don’t like your job or place of residence) and another to have the bf/gf get lost.


We are seeing each other, he always says he really likes being with me and is attracted to me, we have fun together, I just need that extra push to make him make it exclusive.

One Daemon is plenty then unless something comes up in the future.

What specifics did you ask them??

These are the same requests so asking more than one Daemon for this is redundant.

Ask the Daemons you currently have. You can call them and converse with them about this rather than just adding more.

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You can call several demons for different aspects of a single task. For example, finance. Bune is good at certain aspects of finance than, Clauneck. Several spirits handle money. Like one for business, or one for attracting money, etc.

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I asked Lord Orias, Lord Belial and Lord Bael to aid me on my current problem. It’s going fine so far.


Some do, some don’t. I would do some research and make sure that they can work with one another and I wouldn’t give them the exact same task. One reason is that you don’t want them tripping over one another. Another reason is that when you work a spell or set an entity to a specific task you have to have faith and KNOW that the task will be completed and if you are setting several entities to the same task, you obviously don’t have confidence that it will be done. The more you doubt, the weaker your work will be, if it works at all. It’s difficult not to worry about your work being effective with something as emotionally charged as a love spell, but you have to put all of that emotion into your work.
Now, if you are using different entities for different tasks that’s different. For example if you were to use one to create short term attraction and lust and another for the long-term goal of love and marriage. Just make sure that they compliment one another and aren’t working against each other.
This has been my personal experience anyway. Everyone has different experiences and techniques that work for them.

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I have about 8 demons on him right now. They are assigned to very similar tasks but it’s worded differently. I’m stacking the magick and going at it from multiple angles.

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Like I said before, magicians have their own techniques that work for them that may not be as effective as others. What I posted was based on my experience. I went into more detail in my above post. I have set different demons too accomplish the same goal, but each had different tasks based on their ability so that they weren’t tripping over one another and undoing each other’s work. You also need to make sure that these demons compliment one another and work well with one another. The biggest thing I think is that you have to be confident in your abilities/works and make sure you aren’t dealing with a trickster. Intity and make your task clear. Working with demons is like working with electric. They will take path of least resistance and this often leads to unintended consequences.
Keep us updated on how this works for you.

I think it’s fine and more effective honestly. everyone has their own opinion but from my experience on this it works great. I’m newer to this and had 5 or 6 different entities help me get a job that had many obstacles to overcome. one of them was an angelic entity as well.

I pretty much used the same request for all and then later summoned belial and another to help in a different part of the same thing (Cori check)

anyways things worked out better than I could have ever thought possible. I got a call the next day after the interview and was offer an even higher position than what o applied for! how often would that happen on its own right. and I don’t even have the specific required experience for that position.

the way it happened would of never happened without the team effort from these entities.

this was the first time I tried doinf something like this and I way very impressed.

these guys came thru big time and this is the best job I could even really ask for at this time.

this experience made me realize how powerful magic really is and it makes me want to go so much deeper. I can’t wait for the day all my desires are easily obtainable.

my belief in this stuff skyrocketed aftrr this experience. so go for it it does work.

for me personally I haven’t really had luck woth a lump sone for money spells at all yet but when it came to opportunity to make money like this job it has come.

all the ways these things happened recently show that it is impossible for it to be coincidences.

at some point in the future when im able to afford to move out of the country and travel i will tell my mother and brother how exactly i was able to do so and look at their reaction.

I’d like to tell them what i do now but they wpuld think I’m crazy lol. once I have physical things that manifest that could not have happened any other way then maybe they wpuld see that as proof.

anyways sorry for the little rant. and if i was the O p i wouldn’t let your soon to be BY know about what you do bc then he will not want to be with you at all. (at least j wouldn’t) if someone was manipulating me to be with them and I am rich ( not saying that’s why ur doing it) then I would be furious

good luck!


Wow I feel I really went overboard with a total of 12 demons (however 2 are assigned to break up any current relationships he has), so about 10 are influencing him. Normally I wouldn’t want this many on him, but I am trying to heavily push him to commit to an exclusive relationship with me. I feel depleted after all those rituals. I was basically doing spell-work for 2 days straight, I think the spells are affecting me as well possibly because I’ve become obsessed. Now that they are done I feel like I’ve let go, just slightly concerned for how tired I will be for if and when I need to pay these spirits around the same time…

I work with multiple spirits on the same task. Not demons or angels though. I have only assigned multiple Vodoun and African Voodoo spirits to the same tasks.

Yes, they do affect both of you, I experienced that.

Seems like Overkill, though I don’t have a problem dropping six nuclear bombs to kill two terrorists, it seems like it would be more destructive in the long-term.

Each entity is going to do things their own way, and the end result could be pretty interesting, or tragic, or hilarious.

This is the reason that I don’t use demons for love. I’m not saying it wouldn’t work, but the shits most likely going to be temporary.

If you are just looking to get laid, I suggest a condom and fifty bucks.

There’s lots of other dicks / pussies out there that you can take advantage of, and you won’t have to summon demons in order to do it.

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It’s not for sex at all, it’s for someone I want to marry. I’ve actually been denying his sex advances the last few times so he will commit. Yes, I realize now it was probably overkill. I used demons who are known for love/mind control. I also have done an angelic love spell on him right before using the demons, and I used archangel protection as well.

The thing is, I seemed like I was on the bring of success, and I involved more demons. I probably should have just waited for the ones I assigned to finish their job. Hopefully I secure the relationship with him, then will only work with a few demons on him at once in the future.