Hello, my name is Samantha and i’m really drwon to the occult world, i came here with a problem, i might have a little problem, if anyone is willing to help me with an opinion. i called on asmodeus to help with something in october, i had a ritual and i combined some chaos magick with a jar, my blood and asmodeus. the thing is, i didn’t really got what i asked for and i still want it. i told him, after he gets me what i want i’m gonna get a tattoo of his sigil on myself. should i get the tattoo and maybe after he ll get me the thing i asked for? What should i do?

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I don’t know how to advise but i can tell you about my relationship with Belilial i dont really try make deals with him i call upon him tell him my issues or what i like to have happen most time what i ask been getting i personally feel that we are friends and i know that may sound strange but try be Asmodeus friend what and how would you aproce a person


Greetings and welcome to BALG, please do a proper introduction it is a rule of the forum and tell us a little more about your magical experience, what type of magic are you interested in and learning about? What type of magic have you practiced in the past?

For most basic questions check out the sites search engine at the upper right dashboard and the magnifying glass :mag_right:. You can find the answer.


No you shouldn’t since he didn’t deliver.


Asmodues has helped me more than any other. Even though I never summoned him. You have to build a relationship with Asmodues, otherwise it will be smoke and mirrors. Asmodues is often the most misinterpreted. You must get to know him. I think you will find he will help you better when you do. As for the tattoo, might want to pick something better than just that. Best of luck


Asmodeus and Belial where my jam when I first started on the Left Hand path. A sorta similar situation prompted me to ask a “help me with this and I will honor you like this”. Things didn’t really pan out the way I hoped, by all accounts better, not that a time traveling me from now could convince my past self so.

They didn’t explicitly tell me want I wanted at the time was not to be so, but in time the writing on the walls became clear, their is something to be said of fate or Wyrd after all.

But what they didn’t specifically help me with, they did help me in other ways and adjusting to the new path my life took. Over time we became friends, Belial can be bit aloof, but me and Asmodeus have became close and good friends. Almost as brothers. He’s not a cartoony Genie that solves all your problems but with time, effort, and care he can become a great ally and friend. And after so long of hanging out he has granted me some boons.


Have you ever accidentally YOLKED to Satan thinking you were talking to Jesus. yeah, he does that to people…You’ll end up without a choice at the end, married to Lucifer. YUCK