Asmodeus - unpredictable and cruel?

If I work with Asmodeus for other purposes is there any potential he could do what he is known for and damage my relationship? I don’t want that…

Not sure how he’s “known for” such a thing? I haven’t heard that before, but I don’t pay tons of attention to Asmoday either, can you point to any examples that tell the story?

I’m guessing there’s reasons why that happened that can be avoided with setting your intentions clearly.

What can happen with the higher level entities, if you give a vague and very permissive command like “fix my life” you’re more likely to find energy, including that coming from relationships that the entity sees is bad for you gets cleared out. This makes room for healthier relationships.

If you want to keep the status quo, make sure you say so if you have a general request. If the request is very specific then it shouldn’t be an issue.


I believe I may have just asked a stupid question. Hahaha…

I think the OP might be referring to the story in the apocryphal Book of Tobit, in which Asmodeus murders the husbands of Sarah, the woman he is obsessed with.