Asmodeus + Introduction

I have a huge sexual appetite for Asmodeus. I can’t think or say his name without feeling intense lust for him. He is constantly on my mind 24/7. I read that you said Aeshma’s presence can make u feel like that.
But what about Asmodeus?? Can he make u feel like that??
I’ve only seen him in my dreams twice.
The first time he appeared to me he had the legs of a spider, but his hands were like mantas or crab claws. He moved extremely fast and agile and was very tall, but yet beautiful. I saw him grab a man by his mid section whith his claw and swing him like a rag doll. He was extremely pissed. He opened a portal and was aboit to dissapear through it. I stopped him and asked him to take me with him. He looked down at me and said “If u be my queen I will.” I said “yes.”
Then he dissapeared through the portal.
I want to know is there a way I could envoke or invoke him without an intense ritual??
My mom is a Christian and wont allow me to even talk about them.
I’ve given myself freely to Asmodeus, Lucifer and Belial. I’ve told them I will give them my breath, my soul, my body, my mind, my voice. That I will be their vessel if they need one. That they can talk through me if they ever wanted to. I am deeply in love with them, with every fiber in my being.
I hope u answer my questions. I will wait to hear back from u.
Thank u.

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