Asmodeus and women

Does King Asmodeus have and problems working with women? Given his history and fondness for “ruining the beauty of virgins, spreading madness about women and plots against newlyweds” i wonder if he has any issues with working with me, considering i am a woman. If anyone has any knowledge on this please let me know. I’m wondering if any other entities have issues working with specific types of people like LGBT people, women or certain religions also


No. Most spirits have no issues with that kind of stuff. It’s mainly a human bugaboo.

You have to understand that the traditional descriptions like "ruining the beauty of virgins, spreading madness about women and plots against newlyweds” were written by members of a patriarchal religion that is known for its misogyny, sexism and hatred of women.

The spirits of the Goetia will work with anyone. What you look like on the outside does not matter to them. It is the spark of the Divine within you that they respond to, not your physical form. You could be a man, woman, transgender, anteater or cat/human hybrid, and they will still answer your call.


Thanks for responding! I figured something like that but just wanted to make sure since im relatively new and didnt want to land in hot water with any entity


It may also be referring to how he can be called upon to ruin relationships in general.


When in doubt, you can always ask the demon directly, but I do personally know a few female magicians who have worked with Asmodeus. The only thing to be wary of is his penchant for trying to seduce the women who call upon him (i’m told he has a double phallus and likes to brag about it).


I’ve had a very interesting experience with Asmodeus tonite and I need help understanding it, as it’s my first time evoking him.

A double phallus you say hm. Interesting.
I feel this needs to be investigated further. For a friend of course, to make sure she’s aware of this before said friend calls apon him. Thank you for the heads up :grin:


Hmmmm… Ok… Time for some evocation :smirk::ok_hand:


Silent comes back a week later, engaged to Asmodeus


nah… othing to worry about king Asmoday loves women


As an anteater, I verify this. Lol Jk

King Asmodeus is indeed an enchanter, seducer and damn good at it. He has a darkly sensuous energy.


DING DING DING! We have a winna!

Most descriptions of the occult that are written in modern time are influenced by the modern belief system which is highly based off of a patriarchal religion in whole. Christianity, Muslim, Hindu, Shinto etc… All of them in some way shape or form are Patriarchy.


Long story short as a woman or sorceress you should have no problems working with Asmodeus who in reality is not a demon of love and lust or vengeance. As you will find it is not the demon that transgresses but the sorcerer who summons the demon for there own purposes.

The myths and legends of Asmodeus. Going back to ancient times in Judea and the myth of Sarah in the Jewish Torah or Old Testament. The Asmodeus of the Book of Tobit is hostile to Sarah’s daughter and slays seven successive husbands on their wedding nights, impeding the sexual consummation of the marriages.

What I have researched is that this a combination of several stories regarding an attractive woman Sarah is a promient Jew and matriarch in ancient times and many other woman were jealious and put a hex on her daughter and when she did marry, her only marriage, her husband had many unexplained illnesses but perished of old age with her.

Sarah’s daughter and her life and marriage has absolutely nothing to do with the demon Asmodeus or the death of seven husbands, which are myths and lies.

Durning the middle ages many biblical scholars and the Catholic Church put together many fabrications including the seven dealy sins, among them lust, listing you got it, Asmodeus as the demon responsible for lust. Total rubbish!


hes a soul thief, when you die he makes you manes. as in prisoners in his abyssal plane. Oh, and he’s an animal, as in a three headed dog. WTF ladies. you must have more respect than that.
But hello, your SOUL is kinda important.

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As a child of Asmodeus, that is not true . Demons have no need for souls especially Father, and he is not a three headed dog, that is just how the magicians drew him in the goetia in medieval times, and because he is a being of pure energy, he can appear however he wants.


@casey_lewis I’ve never heard anyone say such a thing before… :thinking: Do you have any personal experience to back that claim up?

Please remember you are on a forum where we don’t tell each other how to think or what to do… if you want to talk about respect, that’s a great place to start. :slight_smile: You’re entitled to your opinion, but don’t be too surprised if others disagree. We trust our own experiences here over hearsay.

Now if you want an entity that does do this, that would be Norath. We haven’t talked about him in a long time. HIgh ranking ascendeds like the Goetia entities have other things to do.

And I personally don’t believe in the abyss anyway, I think it’s a human construction to explain something we have difficulty with understanding.