Ascention according to Daniel Jackson (Note: Lore / Fiction based viewpoint)

According to the Star Gate Series,
Ascend requires the Mental State of Piece and/or Tranquility,
having overcome fear beforehand,
and reaching full usage of the Brain (90%+ Brain Usage),
while simultaneously breaching down into complete calmness of 0,3Hz Brain Frequency.

When we look at the Theta-Gamma Sync,
we find certain similarities:

Theta Waves are around 4 Hz Brain Frequency,
and Gamma is said to be 70 Hz and above.
(even tho, both my research and my Spiritual Instructors -mainly Toth and Azi Dahaka / Hermes Trismegistus for those who want to confirm it back for themselves, suggest it’s rather 200 Hz for the real Gamma peak during Theta Gamma Synchronicity.)

Now, the concept of complete ascend is based on the idea of overcoming any need of a physical body,
and turning into a state of completely existing as pure Energy.

According to that concept,
Real ascended beings can be hurt by things that consume and destroy huge amounts of Energy,
like an active Stargate,
for that example.

Indeed, a similar thing is well known to magicians:

Water - a very strong conductor,
can and is being utilized for banishings,
especially on REAL possessions against the will of the possessed,
mainly in it’s running form.

Running water carries away electric charge.

Salt is known to be a very relied on binding and banishing tool.

More binding then banishing in nature,
Salt can store a certain degree of Electric charge.

During Evokation,
Candles are often utilized,
not just to provide some light base for the Magician to operate with.

But also,
to conduct Energy,
for the Spirit to utilize.

In some specific Possessions and Medium workings,
the Human Body produces a white fog/slime,
providing the necessary conductive base material for the Spirit to materialize.

High Priests of various cults,
especially the Sun-worshipers from Mexico, the Aztecs utilized Hearts as the strongest Sacrifice,
especially in the “feeding of the gods” - rituals.

The Heart carries the strongest Electric and magnetic charge and conduit in the Body.
Much stronger than the Brain or other glands.

All chakras (/glands), process Energy.

The Pyramid Grid amongst the Earth is set upon the Lay-lines (Energetic Grid lines of Earth).

The Pyramids are known to conduct Energy over to other Planets.
(Hence - the ascension and immortality of old Egyptian Pharao’s.)

The Essential Energies,
of the Human Body Structure,
are far more than just one simple “life Energy”,

however, most commonly they’re combined under one term,
to avoid conflicts in understanding,
and allow for easier explanations.

Energy Healers have served throughout the ages,
as doctors and shamans,
restoring people from sicknesses they (according to modern scientific view),
"where unable to see/understand/identify, with the given tools of their time"

However, our Medicine and Science still dates back to Sanskrit,
Still dates back to the knowledge and understanding of those old cultures,
which carried their knowledge over,
for the coming generations.

Real Ascended masters,
when evoked or visited through Soul Travel,
usually very confidently teach and instruct on Energetic Mechanisms.
They also usually carry a vast understanding,
of how the Energy works,
both in living beings,
aswell as in Spirits.

We Black Magicians found,
and proved multiple times,
that Ascention DOES NOT require Death to take place, in order to ascend.

for real ascention,
a very simple instruction can be given:

Make sure to not be disturbed,
for several hours to come.

Sit in solitude - that means ALONE!!,
and meditade.
Calm yourself down,
and rest within yourself.

pull all of you together,
and focus on a single,
simple mantra:

Epinepstre mu na ina stin pigi
Which is old greek - and i know,
real greek fellows may want to correct me on the spelling.
Yet, it worked reliably,
not just for my own ascend,
but also when i ascended others.

So it’s proven and works.

The Mantra means:
"let me be within the source"
Or for the more scientific minds:
let me go into the Big Bang,
the beginning of the Universe,
and rest there.

Once accessing that specific place,
you’ll change,
in drastic ways.

Your body’s frequencies,
energetic charge,
and the capacity to conduct and store energy,
will change forever.

The process of Ascending is easy.
But it’s only for those,
who’s really willing,
and consider themselves as capable,
of wielding the state of being an ascended Person.

The Mantra will pull you out of your Body,
and shoot you towards something,
your mind simply can’t comprehend.
It can’t grasp it.
That’s normal, and good.
Don’t try to control it,
just allow it.
The moment you try to control it,
you’re about to fail,
and which is worse,
harm yourself in the process.

So simply trust the Mantra,
and let it guide you.

Once you come back from the Source,
the well of all things,
you’re not human anymore.

You are more then any regular human can be,
or become.

Be aware of that,
and give yourself permission,
to be in peace with it.

resistance only hurts yourself,

After ascending,
when you come back to your body,
it’ll feel unfamiliar.

Utilize the Energy you just came in contact with,
to strengthen your body.

It’ll need to adjust to the change in your Spirit and soul.

After ascention,
your senses will be hightened.

Tenfold, is an understatement.

Just know,
that every color,
every little sound,
given of hundreds of meters away,
will be easier to percieve.

If you need help in controling that new hightened states,
and don’t know what to do,
simply rely on the following mantra:

So hum Akal"
which means:
"I am undying."

It’s the same Mantra utilized for mental blockages,
and for controlled re-incarnation.

It’s the Mantra of Immortality.

It will naturally re-align yourself,
with the new Energies.

Once you’ve become completely one with Source,
and came back into your Human Body Vessle,
you may then,
train yourself towards becoming completely immortal,
by leaving the Universe completely,
and coming back.

However, this is about Ascend,
not descend,
and i wount give you instructions on how to do so,
for now.

Those of us,
who already achieved the state,
by themselves,
or due to instructions,
are amongst Balg,
and may introduce you if they feel you’re ready.

that for a Blackened Shadow God,
those newly born Ascended Masters,
as clearly visible on the Astral Planes,
since they’re shining brightly,
like a torch.

there’s nothing to be afraid of,
since we Black Magicians actually teach you how to do it,
and instruct you further,
to progress even to our own states and beyond those,
according to what’s needed.

Note, that in the acasual planes,
outside of the universe,
your will won’t function as it did in your body.

That Non-Energetic Void stages,
therefore aren’t taught here.

For instructions,
on progressing further,
into the Void stages,
Simply call Malzath Hybreath,
into Alash tad alash tal Ash’tu.

I’ve been targeted,
several times,
by those whom seek to restrict that knowlede,
for teaching it,
and making it more accessable to others.

Know, that i have shed fear off of me,
long before.

Also know,
that regardless of any status you seek or claim for yourself,
i’m not alone with that knowledge,
nor does any of us,
allow restriction,
to be imposed upon us.

This world,
has relied upon us,
from Kalpa to Kalpa,
to come forth,
and lead the necessary adjustments,
for it to continue in a reliable state.

As long,
as there is Darkness,
between the Stars,
none will ever stop us,
from doing what is needed,
for life to continue,
and flow forth.




And to those whom seek to do so:
you wouldn’t exist,
if it wasn’t for us.

we do not consider you any thread.

Honor to thy Ori.

Ehre dem Ursprung.




Here’s some more contemplation on the concept based on other fiction:

In this case,
Star Wars Pantheon.

(Note, i haven’t reseurched the Star Wars Pantheon so much,
as i never liked those Stories so much myself.)

So Anyone who’s really into that Pantheon,
and likes to contribute,
please feel free to do so,
you’re hereby welcomed to post.



Love that show. From my own experience, their depiction of ascended beings is scarily accurate, I had an almost identical experience to how it is depicted in the show.

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So I got to the point where I just tried to “leave the universe and come back”.

I don’t know what changed, but when I imagined myself at the “edge” of the universe and reached out, it didn’t work, then I knew something.

Our bodies are apart of this earth, our thoughts apart of our minds, and our energies apart of this universe

Simply put, I had to leave my body again. I felt free in the infinite black, a step beyond and up.

No clue what this did. I feel something, but…

Edit: I feel weird. my heart feels weird.

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ideally, you should feel your solar plexus, at the middle of your rib cage pulsating slightly.

I see now. We are all apart of these realms, a piece of a whole, and the further up the chain of what we are we go the less individual it becomes

We are these source expressing individuality, and that is an amazing thing.

As a matter of fact, every step down from the source the source took was another distinction from everything else,with its final incarnation being physical because we are so utterly unconnected physically with people that we are entirely separate.

Mentally there still exists as sort of mental framework of ideas that is “objective”, that connects to all

Spiritually we are more all than we can understand

But the source, nothing, that is all.

All comes down to one for it’s full expression, because life expresses.

I see now.

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there’s planes less composed than the physical.

But that’d be the qlippoth.

The Tree of Death / knowledge.

Unbearial planes exist where life is diguested and reformed into new matter.

The “Ori”,
or Djinn, in the real world,
are angelic like spirits which have a degree of influence on the physical plane.

Try to see the Concepts from the Ascention guide a less more strict.

And yes.

Life is continous.

What would be the benefit of working with that? Is it such a personal aspect that it is completely isolated from everything else?

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theta gamma synchronization.

The theta state is trance or before you sleep.

And gamma can be spiked by holding it long enough.

Relax into it,
and train that state.

It’s the key to all advanced magick,
in my opinion.

At some point,
it integrates with your daily life. :wink: