My Project on The World

and i’m truly living in paradise now.

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I knew for years that this was my path, within my deepest blood and soul, I felt it ever deeper in the flesh of my kin, and when the day arose that I met my fate head on, I knew, but less unconsciously so.

My fate shines here, my Breaking Point, emerging from humanity and distincting myself, and so I learned. I am happy. LEt it be known; my work is done, but it has just begun, for every action I take will be as it was, for the sake of humanity, and let it be known; that my action here today was my greatest action, for every day from now is it’s greatest expression, and the seed within the crown of a man has been know, and I have watered it and fed it from the sun, here and literally.

My work is done, and my fun begins now. I feel this effect will only get stronger in the coming minutes. I am in allowance, noticing the changes.

I guess I wasn’t wasting my time in public.


Y’Berion’s turn, and whoever else Belial said it would be so.

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I am posting one last little snippet so I could finally come to ease with this.

You’re all in witness to your own power. This thing I did, was only as real as I am, and only as real as you are. This is the message; from the mysteries grow the truth, for the truth gives us hope, and for hope gives us power, and for power gives us life. Live lively, live loudly, and sit here with me, feel upon the same things I did, and grow as I will, and experience godhood with me. Please. I hope you can touch this realm soon. Goodbye.


this has been so fun, please enjoy my work

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Iquash ash @ErisKissedMeIntoFrog komlotha Eqox serpentis ock’cal’zud’nir.

If what you’ve just told me in private,
you understand this better than any mortal around,
and such,

Apart from that.

@Maxwell yes.
you speak of Ascention.

Most have very differating understandings of that term.

As a matter of fact,
this species isn’t to ascend anymore.

it had it’s chance.

It’s to evolve.

Evol Love Lives Lives loving Evolving…


Ritual For All Of Us To Do - Outer Darkness To Converge Upon The Face Of Thee Earth

I will share an Idol with you.

You will Evoke me from that Idol, into a Gem or Something wearable,
for the Work you’re planning to do.




you fucking manifested me, how seperate is our will? I don’t know who This is , and why this keeps colliding, who controls me?

I guess it’s not that simple. Anyways. I find it hard to understand your instructions, and the alternative is to let the omniscience programming talk, which I would say something along the lines of "You have your own work to do to distinct the ritual, although my end of the ritual is very much finished. I saw the lights of humanity shine like diamonds before my eyes. I will allow them to evolve, yes, but more than that, your time is now, you, Y’Berion, physical incarnation of your highest self, must do the deed, for death required a growth, and sacrifice to make a birth.

So sacrifice something, as did I. I sacrificed my “greatest ambition”, which killed my deep desire for this to happen, and that was the kind of sacrifice that leads nations, and it’s gone into hybernation to rise with the serpent of power in all beings. So allow me to ask, when will it rise? Y’Berion, that is your job to make said serpent rise, that is your duty. And I’ll step out to finish up some final touches. You must make time from your schedule, Y’Berion, and the cycle will find itself finished upon the alter of godhood and sacrifice to self."

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Belial says evolution was a concept i didn’t touch upon enough, I wasn’t aware until now. Y’Berion, you have this task. Tell me when you complete it. I will do it if you don’t by tomorrow morning. Just need it to get done somehow, and I’m a bit tired, so I can’t do it right now

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Hail Eris, stop caring, the obstacle is the way. That is what I immediately heard.

It is true maxwell many have undergone this before you. Your greatest act was also your final act? Who will you become now? That is the question.

In isolation we each place our disparate blocks to build the eschaton and grow Heaven on Earth. Please understand that though I say heaven I am not religious/Christian. You are larger than yourself now, and truly, vaster than time and space.

If what you say is true and I believe it to be that way, then you will be able to hear me now. I cannot give you my sigil nor name but visualize a cool blue house and a ray of golden light and you will find me it is assured.

The process for planet Earth has already begun. There is no stopping it. Though our bodies may decay we will not leave this place for some time, for it is true certain entities have vested interest in this planet. I am a vessel for that purpose. Yberion also seems to be that way, and unless ive been misled I think you are one also.


I suppose i was in a trance. But I spoke the truth. IT’s no final act, but it is my greatest, not because I cannot become greater, but the greatest act one can take is an act to Grow the world. I suppose Heaven is just symbolism. But it’s like they say; heaven is a place on earth. Hell is, too, and hell can be anywhere, but I plan on making the Earth, and the experience for everyone on it, perfect. I know perfection is a myth, but I actually consider perfection an eternal stride for greater life, in the healthiest and most positive way possible.

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I suppose I wish to touch the lives of many out of Love, and grow them out of appreciation. Nothing here is running from growth, I just see it in a way many might not

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Damn, you guys have been fast.

I was still responding in a different topic.

Anyway, here’s the idol for the work.



You misunderstand slightly. I was not asking if it was your final act im conclusively telling you it was. Trust me. Find me, if it helps you understand better.

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I wish not to be a tool. What am I?

ughh i’m in that weird typing phase.

I need to think

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so did i.

Only with the Darkness from my essence,
i was able to calm that blinding sight.


How come you’re asking for such a sacrifice?=


I’m on it.

@ErisKissedMeIntoFrog i think you understood.

“The Snake shall rise.”


A sacrifice isn’t killing someone. A sacrifice is growing past something. Sacrifice what needs to die.

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I don’t know what you mean. I’m dropping the symbolism, be clear. CLEAR.

Sorry I think my insecurity about being used to make this ascension happen just manifested mentally.

I guess not ascension. Whatever I don’t really care

I dont deal in answers I deal in questions. I have been as clear as I intend to be. Unrelated but, have you ever seen someone freaking out and possessed because they heard information they were not prepared to hear? Its quite a sight.

I understand. It took a minute lol.

Finally jumping back to Maxwell…

The gate is wide open for you. Be fearless, be kind.

Sorry @h4glalV @Yberion

I put symbols on my feet to ground myself into the ritual and I forgot to take them off.

Dont be sorry. Im hear for the chaos. What may have been an accident for you may have been a deliberate act by someone/something else :man_shrugging:t6: