Ascending back into the Heavens - Being fallen

I shortly wanted to explain my spiritual situation.
I was an Angel but became human an eternity ago. I had visions from my time before having a human existance. I wrote a book and I think I wanted to fall. The book should collect my human lifes, I believe. I had visions about me and others. Two of them were school mates.

Their names I received (Mitrabrahim, Lilu the school mates) and mine: Lukianof.
Thoth told me my name and I believe my visions came from him, too.

An other one who is a born ‘‘fallen one’’
(who doesn’t see himself as still fallen due
to his Ascension) is @Yberion.
He was a demon (Yberion).
Before joining this Forum I only knew
myself being a born entity.

I don’t know if I will return into the heavenly realms but I want to. All my magic concentrates on getting more knowledge and abilities.
I’m in relationship with two female Angels and
I hope I am going to be a deathless with them again.

Are there others out there who know about themselves having a non-human past, who
are fallen, became human?


While I wasn’t an angel, I do remember my past. I became human a few times (3-4, this one being the 3rd or 4th one).

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I learned a lot about past lifes of Kemet.
It’s something like a riddle why my kemetic
past is so important.

What were you?

I had a past life in Kemet as a follower of Amun, another as a female aboriginal, and another. They didn’t really affect me much but the memories were interesting.

As for what I was, I haven’t really opened up with that yet, only C. Kendall knows and a few scanners who were unaware have seen it. However, I do know I was a guide of the dead in the area we overlooked among other things, but I always traveled a lot when I got the chance outside of my ‘duties’


Are you planning (or better will you plan ^^) to have a further life on earth? Most time we don’t know for which purpose the dead incarnate, right?

You told me you were a son of Ramses the Great.

No, I only chose to for certain experiences due to curiosity. I plan to go “home” after this life.

Yes, I was and I remember my faith in that life. My life in Kemet was only one of the 3-4 past lives I experience as human but it was not my life prior to reincarnation.

Beside Akhenaton I was told by Set to have been ‘Twahoglu’ (’‘two holes’’ a name of dishonor against the nickname ‘two stars’ for the eyes of me) a name of ‘‘Men nefer’’ (the beautiful Men). These are the two kemetic lifes I was told by Satan-Set.

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As far as the origin of my soul, I was some sort of spirit that clawed my way out of a pit filled with others trying to bite and devour eachother for existance. Not sure what “race” of spirits I was, just the sheer violence of the creation. Not sure how long I have been here on this plane, but definitely not my first go around.


I was and then I just became. I was a priestess, taught from one of the greatest magician, then I was led to Egypt. I ascended in that life, I sticked around Egypt but eventually I migrated to another country. There I was confused with the mother, when I was the daughter, though I’m the mother too. Then 1 more human life and here we are now.

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you guys have amazing past lives.

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I don’t have a use for the term “fallen” - that sounds like a judgy thing from a random and very brand spanking new religion I don’t follow, and I don’t really get why spirits “an eternity” old would even have it on the radar. Do you think you need to “be redeemed” as well?

I’m an incarnate daemon, which is itself an incarnation of an entity created by 3 gods/daemons in collaboration. Angel or demon doesn’t matter - they’re the same species - I can exhibit traits of both and neither as can they all. I was part of the Earth project helping to build the body of the planet (as part of the consciousness of rock, singing it into manifestation, holding the energy until it could hold itself, that’s how you make matter from void, with galdr), then I was fae for the remaining about 65% of those 4 billion years-ish, and I was done… Then Azazel traded me a thing to be human in just the last few millennia. It wasn’t worth it.


Probably because not all nonhumans are an “eternity old” xD and might attach a different meaning to the term fallen, to some it might be a good title as they stood up for what they believed before “falling” among other probable meanings.

Also to call an angel and demon the same species is kind of bullshit lol, theyre different races, fallen doesn’t equate to demon unless the angel actually decides to reach out to whatever it may be and becomes a demon.

Also, taking on the traits of something doesn’t exactly mean much, a lot of beings share similar traits, with varying differences, a common traits in different blueprints but still are different races.


If I’m right why I incarnated it was for
more magical potential to gain. I’m not
sure if it was worth it.

Read something about this, and I don’t want to come off too…Corny, is that word? Regardless.

I had a few people in my life call me an angel but never really took any notice of it, I just thought it was compliment. Something happened to me 4 years ago that might have confirmed it to be true, and I know that it is 100% correct, but for the sake of it I’m not going to say anything. There is ways to know for certain. I’ll tell you when the time comes Lukianof.


Remember me when the time has come :wink:

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Like with all due honesty, check out YBerioth. He is on the forum…This guy is literally an incranation of a powerful God. Like his power his awesome…I read about him on the forum…Apprently he has a planet to himself lol…Uranus’s moon is his…hella powerful. You can even evoke Yberioth yourself

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You can do the same with literally everyone on this forum :laughing:


Lol…didn’t know that tbh

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just need their picture and you can evoke.

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or just their energy from posts

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