As Above So Below Meaning

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As Above So Below. Majority of us reading this post have seen this, some neophyte trying to learn have seen it as well. This line here is one of the most important fundamental and important parts of the occult to understand. As you progress in your journey, you will begin to understand the meaning and will see reality for what it truly is. As Above, So Below, means what is within you is also without. “Know thy self” pertains to this very line. To understand the universe, one must understand themselves first. What is inside your world, is what reflects outside of your world. If you think like a poor man you will be poor. If you have a very cluttered mind, most likely your home is a mess. If you have replaced sex with porn, you will not get the real thing because this is all that you know now. By changing our core beliefs, and changing the vibrations within ourselves, we draw in similar or the same vibrations. This is truly the law of attraction. The Secret had it only part right by explaining 2 of the 7 hermetic principals. While most of us fight everyday with our conscious mind, and self impose curses on ourselves by playing the victim role, why me, why does this always happen, why do I never get what I deserve if I am a good person. Us in the occult are careful of what we think and say. Words are power and hold vibration. "

Christian Standard Bible-
For he spoke, and it came into being; he commanded, and it came into existence". To understand your outside world, you must control the world within first. By controlling your inner world, your outside reality will change with it however you see fit. Take control, the world is yours. As Above, So Below


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As within, So Without seems to be what you are preaching here.


Then the Source created the All from Its Within. How do you explain how the world looks to the unenlightened?


Within/Without is a duality. All is reconciled as Source.


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Depends on how far down the rabbit hole we want to go and of course I never claim to know shit as in the occult none of us can prove a thing because then it would be considered scientific and not all based on theory. So let me put a disclaimer here by saying anyone who disagrees, I welcome the counter theory.

On a simple bases what I was preaching here is that what is going on in our subconscious minf will project outward into our reality. I may see color red as war and destructive but you see red as love and passion. If you and myself are inside of red room our realities will be quite different.

On a more complex basis we are talking quantum level in regards multi dimensional worlds. The All, the source or whatever the fuck we want to call it is formed within and without but continues to project outward and inward like a circuit. Protons and neutrons circle the nucleus the same way the planets orbit the sun. You are one of the billions of people on our Earth. Our Earth orbits the Sun in our Solar System. Our Sun is one star among the billions in the Milky Way Galaxy. Our Milky Way Galaxy is one among the billions of galaxies in our Universe. All which are also moving in the same motion with billions of planets like protons and neurons orbiting around the nucleus. This goes on for infinity as when you put 2 mirrors in front of one another. Similar to the quantum string theory.

Anyway my point is as within so without from an astral and mental into physical, but beyond that is still way far beyond my brain brother lmao


As above/so below, as within/so without this the sum of the principle of correspondence and in part how sympathetic magick works.

Which has nothing to do with duality o.O now polarity is perceived by some to be the same as duality but this is a inaccurate and incomplete view.




I didn’t say polarity is the same as duality. The view that I was criticizing is the idea that there is an “inside” of “Source”, as if “Source” is “up there” and it creates all these things “outside” it.


I see the source as a different concept than the universe or the all.
To me, source is the gateway between chaos and the ordered world. It is timeless and everpresent, but it exists in relation to time and space.

I want to go on a whole tangent…
Source and All are distinct though closely related in my book.


The OP wasn’t talking about Source or any ambiguous concept like that. He was talking about how the Universe works. The Source, if that truly is a valid concept, is not the Universe. The physically manifest Universe operates under certain laws or principles which Hermeticism attempts to explain. The statement “that which is above is like unto that which is below” has been transposed into the statement “that which is within is like unto that which is without.” From there, the OP broke down the meaning and application of that principle in how it corresponds to the human mind.
The All and the Source aren’t the same concept imo, but I don’t know everything so :man_shrugging:


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Also the concept when paired with vibration is akin using symbols as gates for astral projection and soul travel. As the symbols are used to align the mind with the corresponding realm so that it may accurately project to it. We align that within to explore that which is without so to move from micro to macro or to raise or decend from one plane of existence to another.


inserts counter theory


The concept of “as above, so below” comes to us first from the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismigestus (Gk: Thrice great), not tobe confused with the 14 EmeraldTablets of Thoth.

We see a lot of esoteric concepts here, and I think that we can all see many relatable concepts. The above is found in the below and vice versa. This is the miracle (divine work) of the One. It is because all things are manifestations of the one that they are within each other.

The Sun is father and Moon is mother. The Sun represents Fire and the Moon, Water. Both these elements came together to create you. Then, the Wind, which also means Spirit, carries the One within you. Meanwhile, the Earth, that is your body, nourishes and houses the One within.

If you don’t maintain the Spiritual, but only maintain your physical body, then “Its force… remains” held within your body. But, if you separate the Earth from the Fire, that is, cultivate the Spiritual, you will ascend from the Earth and descend from the heavens, bearing the power of the One.

And then what is above and what is below will be contained within yourself.


All of the hermetic terms seem to come from esoteric Xianity and Jewish Qabalah. So, what does “cultivate the Spiritual” mean? Is there an esoteric understanding of Spirit or Kabbalistic understanding that can shed light on this?

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Are you stating that All the vileness in the world is “reconciled as Source” is something that we can NOT understand? Or can you explain what you are attempting to say?

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Great question!

Since the first hermetic principle is “All is mind, the Universe is mental” meaning consciousness is all pervasive and this omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient mind is the “source” or “god” & “creator”, and we are a microcosmic fractal of this all pervasive mind.

Through the Law Of Correspondence or “As Above, So Below” we are made the fractals of this of this universal mind (consciousness).

Just as in the mysterious art of alchemy “It ascends from the earth to the heaven & again it descends to the earth & receives the force of things superior & inferior.”- You can do this through working the sephiroth and qlippoth.

This can be metaphorical for many thing but in this case its for the expansion and contraction of the mind. therefore “to cultivate the Spiritual”
would mean to expand your consciousness and then to focus it (contract).

This cultivation of the mind, involves the accumulation “Life Force”, “Chi”, “Bioelectricity” or in a Christian sense “Grace”.

Through spiritual cultivation of the mind body and spirit and the accumulation of The Force Above all Forces, one may be able “to do the miracles of one only thing”.
:HINT - It’s magic

“So was the world created.”


P.s There is a lot of material that covers how to “cultivate the Spiritual” but imho Franz Bardon is the best, he’ll teach you how to cultivate the mind body and spirit as well as Life Force.


Since there is a single Source, there must be a Single Will expressed in limitless variety. Then when we “align the mind” are we doing the alignment or is the Primal Will doing the alignment? Are we projecting into it? Or is It projecting through us?

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Are we accumulating the Force/Forces OR are we allowing the Force to work through us with fewer obstacles?

The scientific reference: a cubic inch of empty space has more potential energy than everything else in the universe combined.



Quoting You: “The All and the Source aren’t the same concept imo…”

Spot On!

The Source by definition must precede and succeed the All. Therefore, Creation Ex Nihilo is the only logical understanding of how the All is creating the Universe.

Perhaps, the Universe is a work of Art in process…iow…a work in progress (wip) and we are co-creators using the same eternal principles/laws as illustrated in Tarot Keys 1 through 7? What do you think?

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Well it’s a bit of both,

Our body has a certain capacity to store charge (like a batterie).

It then flows where ever we “will” or need it to.

I agree, Space is not empty, its filled with the aether.
The medium which contains all that energy.